Vitamins for nails help to make manicure flawless. What vitamins are necessary for growth and strengthening of nails

Hands – a business card of a woman. That’s why you need to look after them very carefully. To leave on street without manicure – dismiss! But what if the nails suddenly began to break, separate and grow poorly? Vitamins for nails help restore their health, and hands – well-groomed appearance.

Causes of brittle nails

The main reason why nails begin to deliver aesthetic problems is the violation of metabolic processes. This infection can be provoked by an infectious disease, an improper diet with strict restrictions, a diet depleted of vitamins, chronic colds caused by a general weakening of immunity, dysbiosis. Deterioration of the condition of the nails is a symptom of trouble. It is necessary to find out the cause, get advice from an immunologist or therapist. The doctor will prescribe the main treatment and tell you which vitamins are necessary for growth and strengthening of the nails.

In addition, nails can lose healthy due to changes in hormonal status. Often a woman faces a problem after the onset of menopause, after a cleansing cycle of the month, during pregnancy. Cause brittle nails can take hormonal medications and birth control pills. In this case, too, a medical correction is required, which the specialist must perform.

What vitamins are necessary for growth and strengthening of nails

The role of vitamins for human health can not be overestimated. They participate in all biochemical processes. If the appearance of the nail plates worsened, it is necessary first of all to suspect a lack of certain vitamins.

Several substances are responsible for the condition of the nails. Here what vitamins are necessary for growth and strengthening of nails.

• Retinol (Vitamin A) accelerates the formation of new young cells, regulates metabolic processes in the body, protects the nail plate from the fungus, makes it firm and even.

• Thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflaxin (Vit B2), niacin (Vit B3), pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) are involved in the production of keratin protein, without which the construction of cells for nail plates and hair shafts is impossible.

Pantothenic acid (Vit. B5) regulates the water balance in the body, so when the substance is deficient, the nails fade even with good care. If the B vitamins are not enough, white spots appear on the nail plates, bulges, grooves.

• Vitamin D is necessary for the assimilation of calcium, the main building material for nails. Therefore, the deficiency of the substance affects the state of the nail plate by a sharp deterioration in its quality.

• Tocopherol (Vit. E) improves peripheral circulation, which means it ensures good nutrition of nails, prevents their fragility.

• Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) improves the absorption of tocopherol and retinol, prevents the thinning of the nail plate due to the synthesis of collagen.

• Biotin (Vitamin H) improves the appearance of the nail, with a lack of substance nails are covered with grooves and cracks.

• Nicotinic acid (Vitamin PP) causes nails to grow quickly, eliminating brittleness.

Thus, most vitamins are necessary for normal growth and a healthy nail look. That’s why you can solve the problem of brittleness with the help of a course of good pharmacy products containing vitamins for nails and microelements.

What vitamins help strengthen the nails

In the rating of pharmacy products, vitamin complexes with the mark “beauty” are leading. They contain exactly those substances that improve the condition of nails, skin and hair, that is, in a literal sense, they give beauty.

• Vitrum Beauty stimulates metabolic processes in the body, is shown with a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In the preparation there is a lot of calcium, iron, zinc, boron, manganese, amino acids. The course of these vitamins eliminates the stratification and brittle nails.

• Perfetil stimulates the production of collagen fibers, is prescribed for brittle nails caused by avitaminosis.

• Complimentary “Shine” – a source of vitamins A, C, E, B, as well as many other vitamins and minerals. Improves the condition of the nail plates, accelerates metabolism, stimulates the synthesis of collagen.

• Merz Beauty protects the nail plates, helps to get rid of white spots and brittleness.

• Ladys Formula is prescribed to alleviate the condition with menopause, improves the condition of the nail plate.

• Complex “Alphabet” contains substances that are needed to restore the beauty and strength of nails.

• Supradin – one of the most effective drugs in terms of restoring the health of the nail plate, although it does not have a special beauty mark. Balanced composition has a beneficial effect on all body systems, restores metabolic processes.

Take vitamin complexes should be strictly according to instructions, courses. To exceed the dosage or drink vitamins is not always possible: you must make a mandatory break for 3-4 months.

Products containing vitamins for nails

There is the right food – the most simple, effective and safe way to maintain body health. Knowing what vitamins are necessary for growth and strengthening of nails, you can adjust your diet and quickly solve the problem.

• Retinol is abundant in carrots, bell peppers, pumpkin. To fat-soluble vitamin A is digested, you need butter, so there are orange vegetables you need with cream, vegetable or butter, sour cream.

• Group B vitamins are found in meat, cheese, milk, cereals, green vegetables and apples, tomatoes, peas.

• Ascorbic acid is abundant in sea-buckthorn, dog rose, citrus fruits.

• Vitamin D is rich in fish, liver, cottage cheese, milk, butter.

• Biotin is found in chicken eggs, nuts and mushrooms.

• Source of vitamin E – all unrefined vegetable oils (olive, linseed, sunflower, buckwheat, pumpkin, etc.).

• Vitamin PP is in milk and meat.

Good influence on the state of the nail plate dishes with gelatin: jellied, jujube, jelly, mousse. Gelatin strengthens the nails due to the collagen component.

How to improve the condition of nails

Traditional medicine knows many recipes that help restore the health of nail plates with masks and compresses. In the oils and juice of plants contains a lot of vitamins for the nails, and they must be used if making a manicure has become a real problem.

Oil applications and masks

The most popular means of restoring the beauty of nails are oil masks or appliques. Vegetable oils are an amazingly rich source of tocopherol, which is called one of the vitamins of beauty. For external use, you can take not only food, but also cosmetic oils: apricot, peach, almond.

A small amount of any base oil is heated in a water bath, drip 2 drops of ether with a pleasant smell, moisten with a wipe napkin in the oily mixture and apply to the nails. From above, you can warm your hands with a towel and keep the application for 20-30 minutes.

For the oil mask, warm the oil to a warm state, lower the fingertips so that the whole nail is immersed in the oil and “treat” the nail plates for ten minutes. Then blot oil with a napkin, rub the remains into the base of the nail and the cuticle.

Vitamin bath

The source of vitamin C is fresh lemon. Therefore, to strengthen the nail plate, it is enough to dip the nails into the lemon pulp. The duration of such a “bath” is ten minutes. Then you need to rinse your hands and then apply a moisturizer. If you do the procedure in a day, then after two weeks the nails will shine, they will stop breaking.

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