Oily skin of the face - what to do: identify the causes. Effective cosmetic procedures and home care for oily skin

Oily skin of the face has always brought a lot of problems to its owners.

As a result of the abundant secretion of sebaceous glands of fat, pores are clogged on the skin, black dots and numerous inflammations appear.

The face of women with this problem is always glossy and has an unnatural shine.

Today, let’s talk about oily skin of the face – what to do, how to improve its appearance, restore beauty and health.

Oily skin of the face – what to do: determine and eliminate the causes

Even the most effective drying cosmetics will not bring sustainable results, if you do not try to eliminate the causes of fatty skin. The first step towards the health of the skin of the face should be the normalization of the sebaceous glands. This is possible if this type of skin is not due to genetic predisposition or heredity. So, the causes of the problem skin:

• disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract;

• Thyroid gland diseases;

• diseases of the nervous system;

• hormonal disorders caused by puberty, pregnancy;

• malnutrition;

• stress;

• insufficient sleep;

• Alcohol abuse;

• smoking, drug use;

• improperly selected cosmetics for the care of oily skin.

After eliminating the causes of excessive sebum secretion, you will notice an improvement in the skin condition. Your nails and hair will also get a healthy appearance.

Oily skin of the face – what to do: full-fledged care at home

According to dermatologists, to normalize the work of the glands of external secretion, one should not only improve health and establish a way of life, but also take care of capricious skin of the face. Following simple rules, you can significantly improve the condition of oily skin.

1. Cosmetic products that you buy in stores or pharmacies, must necessarily be designed to care for oily skin.

2. Wash off without using a sponge.

3. To cleanse the skin you need to take warm water. Hot water increases the greasiness of the skin.

4. Discard the use of products containing alcohol. First, they dry the skin a little, but with regular application provoke the production of subcutaneous fat.

5. Choose a decorative cosmetics very carefully. As you know, the fat content of the skin perfectly controls kaolin clay. It is part of many tonal products with a dense texture, designed for problem skin. Zinc oxide, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, is also welcome.

6. Apply tonal remedies with a sponge or brush. By rubbing the cream with your fingers, you stimulate the glands to intensive fat production.

7. Once a week, make steam baths based on infusions of medicinal plants. Perfectly suitable for such medicinal herbs as mint, chamomile, St. John’s wort, sage, calendula and string.

Oily skin of the face – what to do: use natural home masks

Experts recommend to periodically make masks for oily skin.

1. Mask based on cosmetic clay. For a fatty skin type, yellow, white, green or pink clay is suitable. For one procedure, it is enough to take one tablespoon of clay. Add the sour milk into it and stir to the state of gruel. Apply the mask to clean skin for 15 minutes. To remove it from the face is very convenient wet wadded disk.

2. Mask from low-fat yogurt. It can significantly improve the condition of oily skin. To prepare the mask you need yogurt, potato starch and milk (we take the ingredients in a proportion of 2: 1: 1). Thoroughly mix the ingredients and apply the mass to the skin for 20 minutes. We wash off the mask with warm water.

Oily skin of the face – what to do: ask for help from a cosmetologist

Oily skin is a disease caused by disturbances in the work of the sebaceous glands. If desired, it can be treated in a clinic or in a cosmetologist’s office. As a result of the examination and analysis, the specialists will recommend therapeutic procedures that are selected for each individual case and allow for a long time to get rid of the problem of oily skin. Consider the most popular and effective methods of treatment.

Face cleaning

Cleaning the face happens: ultrasonic and mechanical (manual).

The procedure involving the use of ultrasound, safely cleanses the skin from the keratinized layer of cells, fat, and contaminants. As a result of cleansing, you can get rid of black spots, reduce enlarged pores, refresh your complexion and improve tone, normalize the circulation of blood and lymph.

Mechanical facial cleansing is a deep cleansing of the skin with the help of a special tool – a cosmetic spoon of DNA. The procedure is indicated for oily skin, clogged pores, dull face color, acne, sebaceous plugs.


With oily skin, cosmetologists recommend Jacquet massage. This technique of pinch massage is aimed at normalizing the work of the glands of external secretion and improving the microcirculation of blood in the skin. The procedure allows you to supply the epidermal cells with oxygen and necessary nutrients. After completing the course of massage, you will notice a decrease in the skin’s greasiness, the removal of inflammation and pigmentation spots, an increase in the tone of the skin. A pinch massage has a general healing effect on the skin of the face.


This cosmetic procedure involves mechanical and thermal effects on the face of steam sprayed under pressure. It allows you to improve the complexion, clear the pores, improve the turgor, improve blood circulation and make the skin matte. For the treatment of oily skin, the following types of vaporization are used:

• exposure to hot steam;

• exposure to cold steam;

• use of ozonated steam.

So, we have considered the problem of oily skin of the face – what to do and which methods to choose depends on each specific case. The main condition for success is the regularity of the procedures for the treatment and an irresistible desire to have a healthy and beautiful face.

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