The ideal cupcake with raisins: a recipe according to GOST or homemade cakes? Cupcake "Stolichny", "Spring" and others - the flavor of the approaching holiday

The abbreviation GOST in many was postponed in memory, as a measure of the infallibility of the technological process in the food industry. With her are associated memories from the “soviet” childhood of fresh baked goods, every morning filling its aroma with bread shops and pastry shops. Many people think that standardization is the limit of perfection. Is it so?

Standards exist even now, but, unfortunately, they do not fully satisfy the needs of consumers. One of the reasons for the loss of quality is competition, which encourages producers to search for cheap raw materials, use chemical additives, change the technical conditions to reduce production costs.

Of course, the GOST of Soviet times was also characterized by the approval of more economical technologies, but in the conditions of the market the requirements to the quality of products were catastrophically reduced in comparison with the subsidized conditions of the food industry enterprises of the USSR. Industrial standards are created exclusively for mass production of food products, and it is necessary to treat them as a way to regulate the general rules for the preparation of something, and not as an ideal cupcake recipe according to GOST or another industrial product.

But at home baking – their own standards, and they depend only on the skill and taste of the mistress of the house, her desire to please his relatives. These criteria are more important than economic calculations. For those who are not confident in their abilities, it is important to understand: if at least once one had to deal with one of the types of dough, then the cupcake is not difficult to prepare, because it is the easiest kind of buttery dough. If you look closely and analyze, it is easy to find a similarity in the technology of preparing the whole assortment of baked goods invented by mankind.

A cake is a word for sweet and very rich bread of English origin, Italian cake, cake with Greek roots, pie, loaf – Russian versions of sweet baking. The need to prepare sweet sacred bread, symbolizing the change of seasons, associated with sowing or harvesting, wedding, birth or death, household and well-being have existed since people started to grow grain.

The need for industrial standards for foodstuffs has emerged in recent decades, and it is not related to the general principles of cooking, but more to sanitary norms, averaged estimates of the quality of products of mass production. In the home kitchen, the situation is different: every housewife is a technologist to herself, and there is no need to control when baking something tasty and sweet for your loved ones.

Cupcake with raisins (recipe according to GOST) – the main technological principles

To prepare cupcakes, two types of dough are used – yeast and bezdozhzhevoe. It is believed that in America, traditionally for cakes are prepared with a yeast-free dough, with the addition of baking powder, and in England, yeast is used. Both species are classified as a dough, using eggs, butter, dairy products, aromatic additives, fruits and dried fruits, nuts. Variants of additives vary depending on the regional characteristics of each kitchen, but in general for the preparation of cupcakes there is a general pattern – there are not many buns.

Hence the main technological issues. It is known that baking makes the dough heavy, slows its rise. To create a light, porous structure, use a baking powder or yeast.

Yeast provides more intensive enrichment of the test with bubbles of carbon dioxide, due to what the buttery dough increases in volume 2-3 times, and the finished baking has a more porous structure than when adding soda, ammonium and other disintegrants to the dough. In the industry, special chemical additives are used for this purpose, which are allowed by GOST, which are also used to increase the shelf life of bakery and confectionery products. At home, experienced housewives use long-known methods, without the use of industrial technology.

To make the cupcake from a batterless dough lush and soft, the individual ingredients are pre-prepared:

Flour is sifted not only to avoid possible foreign impurities entering the dough, but to saturate it with air;

All components of the dough should have room temperature, which will accelerate the onset of fermentation of the dough and a more active ascent;

Eggs and butter are beaten separately, and then combined. This method allows you to additionally add splendor to the future product. When whipped, the products are saturated with air bubbles, which are liberated from the dough during the baking process and form a porous structure.

According to the texture, the batter for muffins looks like biscuit. It is this consistency that provides the maximum lift of the dough for baking cakes. Dough in yeast can have a more dense consistency, for which the composition of dry components increases.

The yeast dough for the cupcakes is baked immediately, immediately after mixing. Yeast – first send to the proofing, to increase the volume before baking begins.

Bake muffins in rectangular, round and circular shapes, as well as in small rosettes of parchment or foil (for piece products). Metallic forms are pre-lubricated with vegetable fat and sprinkled with flour. They are also lined with oiled parchment paper. For silicone molds, this preparation is not necessary.

Baking time depends on the weight of the product and the temperature regime. Finished products are first put on a grate in the form, cooled, then shifted to a sheet and decorated with glaze, sweet or simply sprinkled with powder, nuts.

The secret of the ideal cupcake consists in a set of the freshest products, observance of technological moments during kneading and baking. Some components listed in the recipe can always be replaced, if desired, but respecting the proportion.

1. Curd cake – a recipe according to GOST


Sugar 165 g

Spread, cream (or oil) 80 g

Eggs (melange) 2 pcs. (83 g)

Soda 1 g

Raisins, dark 80 g

Cottage cheese (18%) 120 g

Flour 145 g

Essence 2 g

Powder 5 g

Yield: 0.8 kg

Technology of preparation:

Spread the spread with sugar and white. Add to it the grated cottage cheese. Continuing to whip the mass, pour in, whipped in a foam, eggs. To the test, quickly add the sifted wheat flour, combined with soda. If desired, add the essence.

Wash, dried and sprinkled with flour raisins, enter into the dough together with the dry ingredients. After adding flour, stir the dough gently with a spatula or spoon, no more than thirty seconds, and immediately pour into the prepared form. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C. Baking time – 50 minutes.

The finished and cooled product is transferred to a flat dish and sprinkled with a strainer sugar powder. Then the cake is cut and served.

2. Cupcake (recipe according to GOST) “Children’s”


Melange 90 g (2 ½ eggs)

Flour 190 g

Carrot 70g

Oil 140 g

Sugar 120 g

Soda 2 g

Salt 5 g

Raisins 180g

Essence, vanilla 3 g

Powder 10 g


Boil the carrots on a grater. Raisin wash, steam with boiling water, dry. Carrot and grapes before adding to the dough, sprinkle with flour.

Whisk the butter, adding sugar and essence. To the eggs, add salt and whisk to a frothy mass, then combine with butter. Do not stop beating for another ten minutes. Combine the soda with the sifted flour and add the mixture over a tablespoon to the liquid mass. When adding flour mix, carrots and raisins, use a spatula. Try to mix quickly and neatly to keep the lush structure.

Pour the prepared dough into a prepared silicone mold and bake at 180 ° C, about an hour. Check the readiness with a wooden skewer. The surface of the cooled cake is decorated, sprinkled with powder.

3. Cupcake “Stolichny” – a classic recipe


Wheat flour (w / c) 290 g (including for the sprinkling of raisins 50 g)

Vanilla essence 1 g

Oil 190 g

Eggs 3 pcs.

Raisins (dark, large) 185 g

Soda 1 g

Sugar 90g

Salt 3 g

Powder, refined 20 g

Technology of preparation:

Mix the softened butter for medium speed for 7 minutes. Do not stop whipping, add sugar. In five minutes, add whipped eggs (melange).

In the sifted flour, add baking soda, salt and prepared raisins. In a fluffy liquid mass, add the dry mixture with a spoon, portionwise and mix for thirty seconds, moving from bottom to top, carefully, trying not to destroy air bubbles.

Dough immediately shift into a prepared form and send it to a heated to two hundred degrees oven, for 25-30 minutes.

After cooling, put the cake on a plate and sprinkle powder with a small strainer.

4. Cupcake (recipe according to GOST) “Spring”, on leaps and bounds


Sugar 150g

Flour 550 gr

Creamy margarine 110

Eggs 2 pcs. (+ 1 piece for surface lubrication)

Instant yeast 11 g

Salt, kitchen 2 g

Candied fruit 50g

Red raisins 75 g

Vanillin, crystalline 4 g

Nuts (kernels) 30 g (for powder)

Powder 15 g

Output: 2 pcs. x 0.5 kg

Technology of preparation:

Softened margarine (or butter) whisk with sugar until creamy consistency. Add 2 eggs to the mass, whilst continuing. Mix flour, salt, vanillin and dry yeast with a liquid mass. Add raisins and finely chopped candied fruits (in stock).

Lubricate the forms for cupcakes with vegetable fat. Prepared dough, dividing into halves and rolled into balls, put in the mold. Soak for 15-20 minutes near a heat source, then grease the surface with the remaining whipped egg and bake at 200-210 ° C. Warm clothes once again with a layer of melange and sprinkle with a mixture of nuts and powder.

5. Small cupcakes “Stolichnye” from rye flour


Rye flour (peeled) 140 g

Sugar 175g

Wheat flour 100 g

Eggs 3 pcs.

Oil 175 g

Raisins 180g

Refined powder 30 g

Soda 2 g

Technological process:

Wheat and rye flour combine with raisins and soda. Beat butter until a white creamy consistency, add sugar and eggs to it. Connect both parts of the dough and mix to a homogeneous consistency. Divide the mass into 10 balls and put them in prepared, greased, parchment forms. Bake for 20 minutes at 200 ° C.

6. Lemon cake: recipe in accordance with GOST, set aside and enjoy!


Flour 240 g

Powder 120g

Eggs 3 pcs.

Vanilla extract 2 ml

Lemon 1 pc.

Soda 2 g

Roma essence 3 ml

Oil 140 g

Raisins 70 g

Candied fruit 50g

Saffron 1 g

Operating procedure:

Turn the oven on 180 ° C. Prepare a round cake pan. If the form is metallic, then grease it with fat and sprinkle with flour.

Remove the peel from the lemon and cut it thinly, straw. Yolks pound with a portion of the refined powder (60 g), add vanilla and rum. Proteins cool and whisk, adding a strong foam lemon juice. Combine the protein and yolk mass. In a tablespoon of boiling water, dissolve the saffron and add to the eggs. Beat the butter with the rest of the powder, gradually add the egg mixture.

In the flour, put soda, zest, dried fruits and candied fruit. Add the dry mixture to the creamy egg mass, mix and pour into a baking dish.

Baking time – 40 minutes.

Cupcake “Stolichny” with raisins in accordance with GOST – useful tips and tricks

  • Butter in the cupcake test can be replaced with a spread – it costs less and, besides, helps to improve the quality of baking, because it has a lighter composition.
  • Spread is easy to prepare at home using a blender. Whip any refined oil by injecting into it in small portions (literally – drop by drop) milk, cream or water.
  • As a result, creamy vegetable oil of pasty consistency is obtained.
  • If it is necessary for the preparation of puff pastry – freeze, for short or yeast dough – use in a soft kind. The ratio of vegetable oil and milk (cream) is 1: 1.

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