Syrup for impregnation of biscuit - an important detail! The best options for syrup for impregnation of biscuit: cognac, orange, coffee

Biscuit is the basis for many confectionery products. It turns out to be airy and gentle, and impregnation makes it juicy.

Syrup for biscuit impregnation – basic principles of preparation

Biscuit cakes absorb moisture well enough. That they are not soaked, it is necessary to strictly observe the technology of impregnation preparation.

The biscuit can be dry or wet. For dry baking, more impregnation is used.

Impregnation is applied to the cake with a silicone brush, spray gun, or simply watered from a spoon.

Sugar and liquid are the basis of any impregnation. For flavor, vanillin, juice or a citrus peel, coffee, etc. are added to it.

In cakes, consisting of three cakes, abundantly impregnated with impregnation of the upper cortex, the middle and lower soak not so generously.

It is desirable to sustain impregnation throughout the day.

Recipe 1. Classic biscuit impregnation syrup


125 g of granulated sugar;

190 ml of drinking water.

Cooking method

We pour the water into the saucepan and put it on the stove. Turn the fire on the middle level and wait for the appearance of the first bubbles. In the boiling water pour sugar.

Continuously stirring the contents, twist the fire to a minimum. Cook until dissolving grains of sugar and turn off the fire.

We cool the impregnation to a barely warm state. As a flavor, you can add a liqueur, liqueur or citrus juice.

Recipe 2. Syrup for impregnating biscuit with cognac and strawberry


filtered water – 300 ml;

cognac – 60 ml;

fine sugar – 50 g;

Strawberries – 300 g.

Cooking method

Wash strawberry berries, tear off the tails and squeeze out the juice from them.

Sprinkle the berry oil cake in a saucepan, pour water and sprinkle sugar.

Put on a quiet fire and cook, from the moment of boiling, five minutes. Strain the syrup through a fine strainer.

Pour into the impregnation strawberry juice, mix and send again to the stove. Once again, boil.

Keep the syrup on the fire for three minutes, remove from the plate and refrigerate until warm. Pour into the impregnation of cognac and mix.

Recipe 3. Syrup for impregnation of biscuit based on cocoa


35 g of cocoa powder;

90 g butter;

175 g of condensed milk.

Cooking method

Take a medium-sized saucepan. We pour in it drinking water and put it on the stove. From above install a saucepan of smaller diameter, leaning it on the handles. The bottom should be immersed in water.

Butter the chopped small pieces and grinded with cocoa until a homogeneous mass.

We put the oil mixture in a saucepan and wait for it to melt, stirring constantly. With a thin stream, add condensed milk to the liquid oil. Tomim before the appearance of the first bubbles.

Remove the saucepan from the water bath and beat the contents with a mixer or blender. The mass should become dense and increase in volume. We cool the impregnation and use it for the intended purpose.

Recipe 4. Coffee syrup for impregnation of biscuit


coffee liquor – 30 ml;

ground natural coffee – 10 g;

water 100 ml;

small sugar – 60 g.

Cooking method

Coffee is poured into the saucepan and poured hot water. We put it on the stove and bring it to a boil.

We remove the coffee from the plate, cover it and insist for ten minutes.

Filter the infusion of coffee and add sugar to it.

Again we send on fire and cook from the moment of effervescence three minutes on slow fire.

Turn off the fire, the contents of the saucepan cool, pour in the liquor and mix.

Recipe 5. Mint-orange syrup


125 ml of drinking water;

30 g of mint;

200 g of sugar;


100 ml of vodka.

Cooking method

We connect water with vodka.

Mint leaves are well washed and cut as small as possible.

Peppermint pour a mixture of water and vodka. Pour sugar and stir until the grains dissolve.

We pour into a saucepan with a lid and leave it in a cool place for a couple of weeks.

After the allotted time, cut the orange in half and squeeze out the juice into the impregnation. Stir and use for the intended purpose.

Recipe 6. Coffee syrup for impregnation of biscuit with cognac


60 g of granulated sugar;

25 ml of cognac;

200 ml of filtered water;

50 grams of ground coffee.

Cooking method

Pour the ground coffee into the saucepan and fry it over medium heat for a minute. Fill coffee with boiling water and cook until the first signs of boiling. We remove from the plate and wait for the foam to settle. We repeat the process two more times.

Cover the stewpan with a coffee lid and leave for a quarter of an hour. We filter the drink through cheesecloth. Thick we throw out.

Pour out the sugar in the coffee and set it again. Waiting for effervescence, stirring constantly, until the crystals of sugar dissolve.

Remove the syrup from the plate, cool it. Add cognac to the syrup, stir again. We impregnate the resulting mixture of cakes.

Recipe 7. Orange syrup for impregnation of biscuit


120 ml freshly squeezed orange juice;

orange peel from one fetus;

60 g of granulated sugar.

Cooking method

Orange washing, wipe with a napkin and remove the peel from it with the help of the smallest grater. We put the zest into a saucepan, squeeze the orange juice.

We send it to a slow fire and cook for three minutes after boiling. We pour sugar, mix and weigh until all the grains are dissolved.

Cook the syrup for another eight minutes, filter and cool.

Recipe 8. Syrup for impregnating biscuit with wine


lemon juice – 5 ml;

fine sugar – 250 g;


drinking water – glass;

Cahors – 60 ml.

Cooking method

Pour water into the saucepan, add sugar and put on a slow fire. Brew, stirring constantly, until the crystals dissolve.

In the boiling syrup we add lemon juice and vanillin. We hold a couple of minutes, remove it from the heat and cool it.

Recipe 9. Lemon syrup


55 g of granulated sugar;

245 ml of drinking water;

half a lemon;

sugar, vanilla.

Cooking method

Half a lemon is sliced, placed in a blender container and crushed to a mashed potato. The resulting lemon mass is transferred to a saucepan, poured boiled water, covered with a lid and insisted for a quarter of an hour.

Slightly suppress the contents of the cracker for potatoes to squeeze out the remaining lemon juice from the lemon pulp. Filter the infusion a couple of times through gauze. Add sugar and vanillin to the lemon liquid.

The burner is switched on for low power. We put on it a sauté pan with a lemon mixture and cook the base of the syrup for ten minutes.

Remove from the plate, cool and soak the cakes.

Recipe 10. Cherry syrup for impregnating biscuit with cognac


50 g of sugar-sand;

40 ml of cognac;

100 ml of cherry syrup;

boiled water – a glass.

Cooking method

Cherry juice is combined with water and cognac. Stirring.

Pour all the sugar into the liquid and set it on medium heat. Brew, stirring continuously, until all the grains of sugar are dissolved.

Twist the fire to the minimum and boil the mixture for another three minutes. Remove from the plate and cool.

Recipe 11. Syrup for impregnating biscuit with black currant


60 ml of cognac;

½ stack. syrup from black currant jam;

250 ml of boiled water;

60 g of small sugar.

Cooking method

We connect water with sugar and syrup from jam. Stir and place the dishes with the mixture on a slow fire. Varim, after the appearance of the first signs of boiling, continuously mixing, until the dissolution of sugar crystals.

Remove from heat, cool and pour cognac.

Recipe 12. Coffee syrup on milk


for ½ cup of milk and boiled water;

stack. Sahara;

60 g of natural ground coffee.

Cooking method

Fill the ground coffee with half a glass of boiling water and cook the coffee. Remove from heat, cover and cool. Filter.

We connect the milk with sugar. We put on the stove, turn on a slow fire and bring it to a boil, continuously mixing. Pour in filtered coffee and stir.

We hold three more minutes, remove it from the plate and cool it. Alcohol and flavors are added to the cooled impregnation.

Recipe 13. Caramel syrup for impregnation of biscuit


100 ml of milk;

100 g of sour cream;

100 g condensed milk.

Cooking method

Milk is poured into the saucepan. We put it on the stove and bring it to a boil. Add boiled condensed milk and sour cream. Stir well.

Sponge cake is placed in a shape, with a diameter wider than the cake. We pierce in several places a wooden skewer or fork. Fill the cake with hot syrup.

We impregnate the cake for five hours.

Syrup for impregnation of biscuit – tips and tricks

Do not add flavors to hot syrup, otherwise the aroma will simply evaporate.

Before use, the syrup must be cooled.

It is desirable to use the syrup for 24 hours before use.

For impregnation, you can use cognac, liquor or any other alcoholic beverage.

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