Sushi from red fish - like adults and children. Step-by-step recipes for delicious red fish soups: salmon, salmon, pink salmon

Red fish soup is a low-calorie dish with a delicate taste.

There are many variations of this dish, but each of them retains one cooking principle.

General principles of preparation of soups from red fish

Soups made from red fish are prepared from an unlimited range of products. Everything depends on desire and imagination. Red fish is the main ingredient of the dish. In the soup is often thrown pieces of salmon, trout, salmon.

If a fresh product is used for soup, it should be thoroughly rinsed and properly divided. And if in the dish only fish fillets are added, the ingredient should be cut into portions.

Fish broth from the head, tail and large bones can be used as a basis for soup.

Prescribed vegetables should be washed, cleaned and chopped. Onion with carrots is better to save and put into a saucepan. Next, add potato slices, vegetables, grits and other complementary foods. In the soup of red fish you can add rice, millet, pearl barley.

Red fish should be thrown into the soup only when all the ingredients are almost ready. Should give it a few minutes to cook. Add spices. At the very end, you can put chopped garlic. Close the lid and remove from heat. A fragrant dish should be allowed to brew for a while.

Decorate the soup of red fish with a delicate taste you can round with lemon. Pieces of citrus should be placed on the surface of the dish.

Red fish soup with cream


parsley – 4 sprigs

red fish – 320 g

onion – 65 g

carrots large – 55 g

tomato – 115 g

celery – 45 g

cream low-fat – 90 ml

Butter – 55 g


black pepper shredded – pinch

Cooking method

1. A piece of fish to get rid of scales. Remove the bones.

2. Pour water into the pan.

3. Add salt.

4. Pour in the pepper.

5. Boil the liquid.

6. To lay out the crushed root of a celery.

7. Remove the peel from the potatoes. Cut into small strips. Put in a boiling liquid mixture.

8. Cut fish fillets with strips. Put in a container with broth.

9. Boil the soup until the potatoes are ready.

10. Remove the onions from the onion. Finely chop.

11. Clean the carrots. Grate it on a fine grater.

12. In a hot frying pan, melt the butter.

13. Pass the vegetable slices until soft.

14. Tomatoes to dip in boiling water. Peel off the peel. Rid of seeds.

15. Finely chop the flesh of tomatoes. Add to the vegetables.

16. Extinguish the aromatic mixture under the lid on low heat.

17. Connect the broth and stewed vegetables. Mix.

18. Cook the dish for another 7 minutes.

19. Pour in the cream.

20. Bring the soup to a boil.

21. Remove the pan from the fire.

22. Soup with red fish pour on plates.

23. Pour chopped parsley into each plate.

24. Serve a dish with white bread.

Red fish soup with millet and vegetables


red fish (tail, ridge, fillet)

millet – 175 g

bay leaves – 1 pc.

Onion bulbs – 135 g

fresh parsley – 220 g

carrots – 280 g

peas of black pepper – 2 g

potatoes – 310 g

tomatoes – 90 g

salt – 8 g

Cooking method

1. Rinse fish under running water. Send it to the pan. Pour in cool water.

2. Boil the broth. Get rid of the foam.

3. Lay out the whole peeled bulb.

4. Pour peas of pepper.

5. Salt.

6. Cook the mixture over low heat for about 25 minutes.

7. Finely chop the onions with small straws.

8. Grind the carrots with a grater.

9. Cut potatoes with strips.

10. Shred tomatoes in small slices.

11. Remove the fish from the pan.

12. Strain the broth. Pour into a clean pan.

13. Cut the fish meat from the bones. Disassemble into pieces.

14. Send the vegetables to the broth.

15. Add the tomatoes.

16. Put the laurel sheet.

17. Cook the dish for 10 minutes.

18. Wash millet under cool running water.

19. Pour into the bowl with broth.

20. Put there the chopped parsley and pieces of fish.

21. Turn off the fire. Let the dish from the red fish stand for 16 minutes.

22. Serve warm with croutons.

Red fish soup with olives


Salmon – 165 g

sturgeon – 120 g

Pike perch – 90 g

olives without pits – 25 g

pickled mushrooms – 40 g

lemon – 6 shots

cucumber salted – 50 g

onion – 80 g

vegetable oil – 35 ml

capers – 24 g

flour – 22 g

cucumber brine – 145 ml

spices – 14 g

Cooking method

1. Clear the fish from scales and bones. Grind with medium sized pieces.

2. From the pike perch, prepare 900 ml of strong broth.

3. Fry the onion in finely chopped onions.

4. Add flour there. Mix.

5. Add broth without fish.

6. Pour in the brine. Bring the mixture to a boil.

7. Sliced ​​salmon and sturgeon with boiling water. Fry in a pan with butter.

8. With cucumber cut the skin. Shred straw. Add to the fillet.

9. Put the tomato paste there.

10. Pour the mixture into a saucepan.

11. Boil the red fish soup over low heat until the fish meat is ready.

12. 3 minutes before the readiness to put the spices.

13. Serve with a slice of lemon, olives and greens for lunch.

Red fish soup with cognac


Dry rice – 85 gr.

Cognac – 75 ml

Potatoes – 175 gr.

Bulbs – 3 pcs.

Tomatoes – 1 pc.

Carrots – 2 pcs.

Trout fillet – 210 gr.

Bay leaf – 3 g.

Peas of black pepper – 6 pcs.

Fresh greenery – 110 gr.

Cooking method

1. Wash the trout meat. Fold in a pan.

2. Pour in cool water.

3. Wait until the broth boils. Remove the foam.

4. Cook broth for about 50 minutes.

5. Add the peeled whole carrot and onion.

6. Pour out the spices.

7. Remove the fish from the container.

8. Cut the greens large.

9. Cut the peel off the potatoes. Cut into strips.

10. Grind the remains of carrots.

11. Cut the tomatoes with mugs.

12. Prepared foods put in broth.

13. Rice wash in several waters.

14. Add to the soup. Boil 12 minutes.

15. To throw there a fish fillet.

16. Pour the cognac. Boil.

17. Remove the pan from the fire.

18. Insist the red fish soup under the closed lid for about 20 minutes.

19. Spread on plates.

20. Sprinkle with herbs.

21. Serve with vegetables.

Soup with seaweed and pieces of red fish


salmon – 85 g

trout – 60 g

salmon – 55 g

Round rice – 125 g

seaweed nori without additives and salt – 30 g

fish and soy sauce – 10 ml each

greens – bunch

marjoram powder

Cooking method

1. Pour water into the container.

2. Bring to a boil.

3. Pour out rice cake.

4. Finished rice cool.

5. Boil 1.75 liters of water in a separate container.

6. In the boiling water put the fillets of each fish species, cut into portions. Cook 4 minutes.

7. Take out the fish.

8. Pass the broth through a sieve with gauze.

9. In a clear broth add fish sauce.

10. Pour the soy sauce.

11. Salt and salt.

12. Cook for another 2 minutes.

13. Algae cut into strips. Throw in a pan.

14. Add the pic.

15. Lay out the slices of fish.

16. Sprinkle with marjoram.

17. Put several biscuits into the plates.

18. Pour the chopped green onions and parsley.

19. Soup from red fish pour on plates.

Soup with green peas from red fish



water 1.4 liters

laurel leaves – 2 pcs.

onion bulbs – 45 g

peas of sweet pepper – 4 g

greens of dill, basil – on 2 branches

green peas, canned – 80 g

rice cereal – 90 g

canned black olives – 70 g

Cooking method

1. Rinse the rice croup. Soak in boiling water.

2. Fill the required amount of water in the watering pan.

3. Put the fish in it.

4. Bring to a boil.

5. Make the fire weaker. Remove the foam. Cook for 8 minutes.

6. Add the onion.

7. Pour out the peas of sweet pepper.

8. Put the laurel leaves.

9. Add stems of greenery.

10. Cook on low heat for 9 minutes.

11. Strain the liquid through a colander.

12. Pieces of fish put aside.

13. Pour the clear broth into the bowl.

14. Put on fire.

15. To place there fig.

16. Bring the soup to a boil. Reduce heat. Cook until the rice is ready.

17. Add some water.

18. Extract from the fish bones. Meat sent to the soup.

19. Pour out the green peas.

20. Add the olives cut into pieces.

21. Salt.

22. Cook the soup of red fish with peas for 2 more minutes.

23. Turn off the fire.

24. Cover the container. Leave to stand for 12 minutes.

25. Serve the soup in a deep dish. Add a spoonful of butter and chopped greens.

Soup with shrimps from red fish


Fish – 580 gr.

Red tomatoes – 160 gr.

Shrimp – 210 g.

Onion – 95 gr.

Olive oil – 78 ml

Green onion – 55 gr.

Dill – 60 gr.

Vegetable broth – 1,9 l

Dried thyme -4 gr.

Dried rosemary – 5 gr.

Salt and pepper

Cooking method

1. Put the tomatoes in boiling water. Rid of the skin. Cut the flesh into pieces.

2. Clean the bulbs. Shred to pieces.

3. Wash and chop the green onion and dill.

4. Pour oil into a saucepan with a thick bottom. Fry onions.

5. Add fish slices. Fry from all sides.

6. Put the crushed tomatoes.

7. Pour the slices of green onions.

8. Add the dill.

9. Stew for another 4 minutes.

10. Pour the boiling broth.

11. Send back the peeled shrimp.

12. Sprinkle with salt.

13. Pepper.

14. Bring it to readiness.

15. Ready soup of red fish with shrimps pour on plates. Serve with black bread.

Delicate broccoli and red fish soup


broccoli – 160 g

carrots – 105 g

onions – 75 g

cream – 220 g

salted red fish – 70 g

Salt and spices – optional

Cooking method

1. Broccoli divided into inflorescences.

2. Put into a pan with a little water. Pour out the salt. Boil it off.

3. Finished inflorescences put in a separate vessel.

4. Keep the broth.

5. Cut the onions without the husks.

6. Wash carrots. Grind using a grater. Stew until done.

7. Stewed vegetables to send in a container with broccoli.

8. Pour in 240 ml of broth.

9. Pure with a blender.

10. Put the capacity on the fire.

11. Add a small amount of vegetable broth.

12. Put the cream there.

13. Sprinkle with salt.

14. Add spices.

15. Bring the mixture to a boil. Remove the container from the plate.

16. Cut the salted fish into small pieces.

17. Dispense on plates.

18. Pour the soup-mashed potatoes.

Red Fish Soups: Tips and Useful Tips

  • For broth, you can use a ridge, a head, a fillet of red fish.

  • To divide fresh fish it is necessary so: to begin with a head, after to cut it into 2 parts, to separate a ridge and to remove small stones, to cut a skin. The fillet should be cut into several pieces and sent to a saucepan.

  • In the soup of red fish you can add both fresh and salted fish.

  • If you put chopped greens in a hot soup with fish, the dish will acquire a unique flavor.

  • Fish of any kind should be thrown into the container at the end of cooking.

  • The digested fish breaks down into small pieces.

  • If the fish fillet is cooked, and the other ingredients are not, the pieces of fish should be taken out of the soup and put into plates.

  • Potatoes must be cut very small, so that the product is prepared more quickly and more uniformly.

  • To remove from the broth the remains of foam that has not been removed, the liquid must be filtered: put a linen napkin on the colander and pour in the broth.

  • After straining, the fish broth becomes lighter and more transparent.

  • A small amount of red fish gives a rich and strong broth.

  • Onions must be browned until soft.

  • In the broth, you can put marjoram, rosemary, cloves, saffron, ginger.

  • Soup of red fish is served for lunch or dinner with croutons and greens.

  • Salt the broth better after boiling. Salt should be put together with a laurel leaf, then potatoes will also absorb salt.

  • To prepare soup with red fish, grind the cereals in advance. You need to weld it, flip it over a sieve and add it to the bowl with broth at the very end of the cooking. You can pour the rump with water for several hours before use or fry in a sauté pan without fat.

  • If cereal is planned to be cooked before cooking soup, it is recommended to use the ratio of liquid and cereals 2: 1.

  • When groats are prepared, you can put a small amount of butter in it, it turns out crumbly.

  • The root of parsley will help the dish to get a more pleasant aroma.

  • Almost every version of fish soup offers to take out ready-made fish fillets and add it only when serving a delicacy. Slices of ready-made red fish can be used for other dishes, and soup can be consumed without them.

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