Soup with meatballs - the best recipes. How to cook soup with meatballs correctly and tasty.

Soup with meatballs – general principles and methods of preparation

Everybody knows what a minced meat is. Missed through a meat grinder, and sometimes chopped meat is used in a huge number of dishes. Beef, chicken, pork, chopped, minced meat from several types of meat – it’s not for nothing that this product is called a semi-finished product, it can be turned into lunch or dinner at any time. For example, you can cook soup with meatballs in only half an hour. By the way, with meatballs, you can prepare a salad – something in the manner of the Greek, with cheese and olives. But nothing can replace a real soup, nourishing, light, with melting mouthfuls of delicious meat balls. For greater tenderness, it is possible to add a little soaked loaf to the meat itself, but this is not necessary. It is also not necessary to put a large amount of eggs for fastening meatballs – it’s enough to knead it properly.

Soup with meatballs – preparation of products

How to make the most delicious stuff for meatballs? Real housewives will never buy frozen minced meat. Only real meat, or fresh minced meat, which the butcher cooked on your own eyes. Ideally, you can buy a few pieces in the store. Lean meat, fatty, on the bone, in general, is different. If possible, cut off the film and veins. Bones with the remains of meat are deposited for bone broth, the best pieces of meat are baked in the oven or marinated, something will go to goulash.

The remnants go for the preparation of minced meat at home, the benefit of meat grinders, food processors and other deficit devices is now gone. Excess fat, substandard pieces, pruning – in the course everything can go, the main thing is that the meat is fresh. Add some good bits here. To prevent mincemeat from drying, add fatty pork or fat. In the finished minced meat do not add spices and salt, and divide it into portions and place it in the freezer. To make soup with meatballs, take a slice of frozen minced meat beforehand and place it in the refrigerator at a plus temperature. When the minced meat is defrosted, start cooking soup.

Soup with meatballs – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Vegetable soup with meatballs

Take any minced meat that is in the house and any vegetables from the standard set. It’s not scary, if some kind is not present – the soup will still be tasty and full. Take a little more potatoes, carrots or other ingredients. The cooking time is only 30 minutes, provided that all vegetables are sliced ​​and ready.

Ingredients: ready-made forcemeat (meat, onion, salt, pepper, 350 grams), potatoes (3-4 pieces), onion, bay leaf, salt, pepper ground, carrots, bell pepper, cabbage, (3200 grams), tomato (2 pcs) ).

Cooking method

We cut potatoes into small cubes, rinse in cold water. Carrots rub on a large grater, chop the onions as small as possible, shred cabbage. Bulgarian peppers can be taken red or yellow – cut it into strips. In a saucepan pour 2 liters of water, bring to a boil and put the potatoes, bring to a boil and lay out the cabbage and pepper. We form small or large meatballs – here someone already loves. Bring to a boil and cook for about 10 minutes. At this time, pass the onions with carrots and cut the tomatoes into small squares. Mix all the ingredients and cook for another 10 minutes. Ready soup will let us brew for about 15 minutes. A delicious dinner awaits you!

Recipe 2: Mushroom soup with meatballs

There are few people who will refuse soup with mushroom taste. Floating in a tender broth slices of mushrooms and soft meatballs – what a wonderful dinner for the whole family. This is a dinner for real gourmets, who know a lot about food.

Ingredients: minced meat (300 g), potatoes (6 pcs.), onions (2 pcs.), mushrooms (champignons, 500 grams), Bulgarian pepper, chicken egg (2 pcs.), root mixture, dill, parsley, water 4 l.

Cooking method

We suggest strengthening the taste of stuffing, this time at the expense of potatoes. Scrub the onion and one potato on a small grater, add to ground meat. Part of the mushrooms also pass through a harvester or a meat grinder and mix with minced meat. Stir, salt, pepper and shape the balls. The rest of the mushrooms are cut into thin pieces and fried in a frying pan with a small amount of vegetable oil. In boiling salted water we place potatoes in small cubes, after 10 minutes we spread mushrooms, meatballs and cook for another 10 minutes. Let’s pass the onion and carrots, cut the peppers into strips and mix the roots. Mix everything and cook for another 5 minutes. Pour into plates and do not forget about the greens – it is better to serve it separately, the sprinkling of the dish with herbs already causes an appetite. Do not deprive this of your family.

Recipe 3: Noodle Soup with Meatballs

This appetizing chicken soup will be cooked according to all the rules of cooking. And this means, no purchased flour products – only home-made noodles, long, implicated in eggs and milk. It is such a homemade cooked home noodles you can conquer the heart of any man.

Ingredients: soup chicken set (1 kg), minced meat (1 kg), rice boiled 1 kg, onion (3 pieces), parsley, dill, spices, carrot, salt, vegetable oil.

For noodles: flour (400 grams), eggs (2 pcs), salt, milk or water (150 g).

Cooking method

Grind a couple of onions with a blender and mix with minced meat, add the spices and stir well. Let’s leave it in the fridge and let’s deal with the noodles. Sift flour. We beat the egg and gradually pour in the milk. Knead an elastic homogeneous dough, it should also be infused for 30 minutes. We cook broth from the soup set. It takes only 30 minutes. Add salt, spices. Now is the time to roll meat balls.

This work is enjoyable – involve children in it. Roll the dough into a thin layer and leave it for a few minutes to let it dry. Then roll it off the roll and cut the noodle spirals. They easily blossom into long ribbons. Prepare the broth, put the meatballs into it, bring it to a boil and put the noodles. Add the fried vegetables and cook for another 5 minutes. Ready noodles are laid out on plates and served to the table hot.

Recipe 4: Buckwheat Noodles with Meatballs

This dish can not be called neither the first nor the second – this is something in between. Buckwheat noodles are a rarity, but today you can still buy it in the grocery store. Try a real Japanese dish of egg noodles, cooked with the addition of buckwheat flour.

Ingredients: buckwheat noodles (400 grams), minced meat (400 grams), onions (60 grams), eggs (1 pc), tomato paste (1.5 tablespoons), garlic, salt, pepper.

Cooking method

In the mince, chop the onions finely, add salt, pepper and mix well. Form meatballs and fry in vegetable oil in a frying pan until a slight blanching. Take out the meatballs, and put the garlic, tomato paste and half a cup of water in the remaining oil. Separately boil the noodles in boiling salted water. Boil it for 5 minutes, peel it in a colander and drain. Serve with meatballs, abundantly pouring the sauce into which they are stewed. Separately, you can serve meat broth.

Recipe 5: Soup with meatballs in the multivark

Ingredients: broth (1.5 liters), carrots, onions, buckwheat (half cup), meatballs (15 pcs.), salt, greens, ground pepper, a little cream or vegetable oil.

Cooking method

If you have a multivark, then the process of making light soup becomes even easier. Prepared foods are placed in a container all at once. But at first you can fry onions and carrots on the “baking” mode. Chop the thistle with water, add potatoes, cut into slices, buckwheat, ready-made meatballs, salt, pepper and put on the quenching regime for another hour. That’s all – do your own thing, a smart machine will give you the finished result – a delicious soup.

Soup with meatballs – useful advice of experienced chefs

Prepare an original addition to your soup for dinner – a Greek salad with meatballs. To accompany him, no other dishes are required, except for fresh and fragrant lavash – he is in itself a full-fledged dinner. So, cook the meatballs in salted water, add chopped feta cheese, a couple of fresh cucumbers, 2-3 juicy tomatoes, sweet Bulgarian pepper, lettuce leaves. Season with lemon juice and any vegetable oil. It remains to salt and sprinkle with black pepper – the original dish is ready!

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