Salads and side dishes from pickled carrots with garlic. Snack, to the table and for the winter - marinated carrots with garlic

About the benefits of carrots not heard only deaf. Carrots, although often wears the epithet “sweet”, are very much averse to taking salted or sharp foods to their company.

Such compliance is an endless field for creating salads and snacks.

Marinated carrots are often accompanied with garlic and coriander. It would seem that a typical recipe for a Korean salad is “Carrot-cha,” but it’s not!

There are so many salads that the bill will go to dozens.

Marinated carrots with garlic – general principles of cooking

• Marinated carrots with garlic can be prepared not only for everyday use, such snack can be preserved for the winter or cook for long-term storage in the refrigerator.

• The root crop thoroughly washed with water is peeled and ground according to the recipe. Most often carrots are cut with narrow rings, thin long plates or tinder with a special grater, turning into a long straw. You can use special corrugated knives for cutting, which will give aesthetic look to the cutting.

• Chop garlic in small grater or press, cut into thin slices or finely chop with a knife.

• Carrots are often pickled not only with garlic, other vegetables are added to them, thus obtaining more original snacks. For example, a beetroot marinated with carrots gives the snack dish an original pink shade, the aubergines complement it with a peculiar, mushroom taste.

• In the marinade must be added spices and spices and prepare it with different types of vinegar or acetic essence. In the preparation for canning marinade necessarily add refined sunflower oil.

• Marinated carrots with garlic can be served independently as a snack or added during the preparation of second courses or salads.

Canned garlic pickled carrots


• 750 grams of fresh carrots;

• 150 ml lean, well-purified oil;

• 120 gr. peeled garlic;

• 750 ml of filtered or spring water;

• granulated sugar – 40 grams;

• 20 gr. rock salt;

• 70% acetic essence – 15 ml.

Cooking method:

1. Rinse the carrots and rinse, clean and rinse well again. With a conventional or figured knife, cut the vegetable into thin rings. The recommended thickness is from 0.3 to half a centimeter.

2. Transfer the carrots into a large bowl and pour freshly with boiled water. After three minutes, drain the water, and dry the pieces of the vegetable, shifting it into a wide colander.

3. Disassemble the garlic according to the teeth, clean the lobules from the outer shell and finely chop with a heavy sharp knife.

4. Chop the cooled and dried carrot with garlic. Add lean oil and, carefully mixing, spread on prepared half-liter jars. Fill the tank, slightly ramming the vegetable mass, not reporting to the neck by a half centimeter.

5. In the boiling water, dissolve the sugar and salt. Quickly bring the solution to a boil, turn off the heat and immediately enter into it the vinegar essence, stir.

6. With a lightly cooled marinade, pour over the carrots packed in jars and close them, until they are rolled up, with sterile lids.

7. Carefully, so that the lid does not fall, move the jars into a wide pan on the grate. Carefully pour them “to the shoulders” with warm water.

8. Sterilize the vessels with boiling water for 25 minutes, then tightly seal the lids with a key, turn the sunscreens over the lids and soak until it is completely cooled.

A simple recipe for pickled marinated carrots with garlic


• 350 grams of medium-sized carrots;

• two large spoons of 5% apple cider vinegar;

• table salt, large – 2 tsp. with a small hill;

• a spoonful of sugar;

• garlic;

• pounded coriander in a mortar – 0,3 tsp;

• 1/2 tsp. manually ground (grated in a mortar) black pepper;

• One-third spoonfuls of whole cumin.

Cooking method:

1. Peeled and thoroughly washed carrots with a special vegetable peeler, cut along, into thin long strips and fold them into a bowl.

2. Pour boiling water and drain without delay. Strips of vegetables dry from moisture on a sieve or in a colander and transfer back into a dry container.

3. Add sugar mixed with salt, sprinkle spices with spices, press with a press or rub into a small grated garlic. Lightly rub everything with hands, then top up the vinegar and mix thoroughly.

4. Leave a bowl of pickled carrots for half an hour to reach the desired degree of marinating and serve.

5. If you put this snack in a dry jar and put it in the refrigerator, covered with a cap nylon, it can be stored for several days, almost without losing its taste.

Snack marinated carrot with garlic and herbs without preserving


• 1 kg of fresh medium-sized carrots;

• one glass of lean oil;

• large head of garlic;

• Coriander, whole grains – 2 tsp;

• 150 grams of sugar;

• a large spoonful of fine salt;

• two leaves of a laurel;

• a large bunch of young tender parsley.

Cooking method:

1. Juicy carrots cut into rings with a thickness of half a centimeter and lower into boiling water. After boiling, at a moderate heating temperature, boil for seven minutes, pour from the pan into a colander and refrigerate.

2. Mix a glass of cold drinking water with vinegar and sunflower oil. Add salt to the solution with sugar, dip the laurush, pour the finely chopped greens.

3. Disassemble garlic, peel, grate and place in marinade, mix.

4. Put the blanched carrots into a clean glass jar, pour over the prepared marinade and, tightly cap the kapron cap, place it in the common chamber of the refrigerator for 8 hours.

How to cook delicious marinated carrots with garlic and sesame in Korean


• cleaned carrots – 2 kg;

• 50 grams of sugar;

• a glass of 9% food vinegar;

• 230 ml of refined oil;

• 30 gr. a major non-iodized salt;

• red chilli pepper, large grind, garlic – to taste;

• coriander seeds, sesame seeds – 1/2 tsp.

Cooking method:

1. Prepared vegetable grind thin thin strips on a special grater for Korean carrots.

2. Add salt mixed with sugar, pour vinegar and mix well, let stand for about half an hour to let the carrot juice.

3. In a mortar or a rolling pin, crush the coriander and, together with ground red pepper and sesame, add to the carrot, mix.

4. In a frying pan or a small caviar, heat the oil well and, without waiting for the appearance of smoke, pour it into the carrots, stir and leave to cool. The oil must necessarily be well calcined if you pour it unheated, the taste of the dish will change significantly.

5. In the cooled carrot press garlic press, mix and shift everything into a dry container, tightly seal it and put it on the cold for 6-8 hours.

6. If there is a marinator, use it, this will significantly shorten the time of marinating. Put the prepared snack in the marinator and marinate it in three cycles, lasting up to 25 minutes

Marinated carrots with garlic and beets for the winter – “Jahontovaya”


• 500 gr. juicy carrots;

• small burgundy beets – 500 grams;

• 200 grams of garlic;

• olive oil or cold pressed vegetable oil – 200 ml;

• a liter of very clean drinking water;

• 300 gr. large salt;

• 60 grams of white sugar;

• 25 ml of food vinegar essence;

• black pepper and laurel.

Cooking method:

1. Using a brush, rinse the vegetables thoroughly, remove the peel and cut into thin pieces of any shape: ringlets, brusochkami, flowers – as the soul desires.

2. In a large saucepan, boil water, dip into it pieces of vegetables and cook on a small fire for no more than five minutes. Blanched vegetables put on a sieve and dry them from moisture residues.

3. Peeled garlic finely chop or cut into thin plates.

4. Transfer the vegetables to a suitable bowl, add the laurel, garlic and pepper. Pour in the vegetable oil, mix thoroughly and pack into half-liter cans, filling them almost to the top.

5. Prepare the marinade: boil the required volume of water, pour sugar and salt into it, stir until they are completely dissolved and boil again.

6. Remove the brine from the fire, immediately pour vinegar into it and, stirring well, pour the cooked marinade over the filled banks with vegetables.

7. Cover the containers with covers and immediately sterilize in boiling water for exactly 25 minutes. Closure and set to cool, turning the preservation on the lids.

A simple recipe for pickled carrots with garlic and eggplant


• 800 grams of juicy carrots;

• a kilogram of small eggplant;

• 90 ml table vinegar 9%;

• Celery greens – 4 branches;

• Three onion heads;

• garlic – a large head;

• high purification oil – 160 ml;

• three sweet peppers;

• 100 grams of sugar;

• one and a half tablespoons of salt.

Cooking method:

1. Cut garlic into thin plates, onions – half rings, and eggplants – centimeters thick with rings. Carrots grate on a special vegetable grater for preparation of Korean salads.

2. At the bottom of the deep container, put two sprigs of celery and chopped garlic. On top, evenly spread the eggplants quickly fried in a dry frying pan. You can not fry the ringlets of the vegetable, but lower it into the boiling brine for three minutes. After that, dry well.

3. On top of the eggplant lay the thin strips of carrots, and on it blanched rings of sweet pepper, from above put the remaining celery. If eggplants are fried, pepper is also better to brown.

4. Slightly more than half a cup of water, combine with the oil, add vinegar, free-flowing ingredients and put on a strong fire. As soon as the sugar and salt dissolve and the marinade boils, pour the vegetables in a bowl and leave in the heat for three hours. Then cool, placing in the general chamber of the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, and can serve.

Marinated carrots with garlic – cooking tips and tips

• For pickling, try to choose small “puzatenkie” root crops with pronounced color. It is this carrot that turns out juicy.

• Do not use pale, large, with friable flesh. Snacks will not only dry, but can even be bitter.

• Be sure to blanch the chopped root so that it softens slightly. The time of this procedure depends on the thickness of the pieces and can take from a few seconds to three minutes.

• Blanch carrots for marinating “in Korean” is not needed, as the ground root is poured with boiling oil.

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