Puff pastry - the best recipes. How to properly prepare puff pastry.

It’s good that the puff pastry, on the way from work, can be bought at any store and for dinner it’s quick to bake something tasty.

But sometimes you want to indulge yourself and home-baked hand-made cooking, putting your work and soul. After all, the food prepared by our own hands is always tastier, because it is prepared with love. For puff pastry, you need a few products, the basis of it is flour, oil and salt. But there is much more time to prepare it.

True, there are a lot of recipes for puff pastry on a fast hand, so if you do not have free time, you can choose a faster method of cooking. The benefits of the proposed a lot – kneading on beer, yeast, water, with the addition of sour cream or cottage cheese.

Puff pastry – preparation of products

Puff pastries are always very delicate. And that it was even more delicious, before the mass is mixed, the flour must be sieved in order to enrich it with oxygen. If the dough is made according to a classic recipe, you must first mix the water with flour, and then roll out the layers, oiling them with margarine or butter.

Recipe 1: Puff Pastry

If you make a puff pastry by all rules, you can not manage for five minutes. This process does not tolerate haste. But the result justifies the enclosed works and the time spent. The secret of a good puff pastry is in properly rolling it out. The layers must absorb oil, do not allow the dough to break when rolling, otherwise the baking will not turn out to be airy, but stuck together and hard. Therefore, it is not necessary to push heavily on the rolling pin, it needs to be moved smoothly, so that the pieces of oil do not break out.

Ingredients: wheat flour – 500-600g, a glass of water (0.25l), salt ¼ ts.lozhki, butter – 350g.

Cooking method

Mix salt with flour (500g), and leave 100g for powder. Pour in water and 50 g of melted butter. Knead the dough and knead for about a minute. Then put it in a bag or wrap it in film and put it on the refrigerator for an hour. Remain the remaining oil to a thickness of about a centimeter.

Dumpling from the dough from above, cut deeply with a knife crosswise. Open the quarters of the dough, like a flower and roll it into layers, without touching the middle. On it you need to put the oil and close it with the rolled layers-petals, wrapped up on all sides. If the test is not enough to cover the oil, it can be slightly stretched. Top with flour, beat off lightly with a rolling pin and start gently rolling into a rectangle of equal thickness. Roll it in one direction. The resulting rectangular layer is folded three times, wrapped in a film and cleaned for an hour in a cold place. Then do 3-4 rolling, only in the other direction. Do not forget to take the dough into the refrigerator after each rolling.

Recipe 2: Puff pastry dough

The main secret of making a good dough is in cottage cheese: it should be without lumps, soft, gentle, but not wet. Then the products will be more layered and crumbly.

Ingredients: 300g of wheat flour, home soft curd – 250g, butter – 150g, salt – at the tip of a teaspoon.

Cooking method

Cottage cheese mixed with butter, salt and flour. To allow the oil to warm up more easily, it is necessary to hold it in a warm place, so that it becomes supple and plastic. Next, the dough should be wrapped in a film or bag and placed in the refrigerator for maturation for the night or for a day. Now you can bake roasters, ears, puffs. In the raw form, the dough is stored for 6-7 days in the refrigerator. Or put it in the freezer. And when you need to bake something, you will only have to get it and unfreeze it.

It was a recipe for a quickness test. If you want to make pastry more layered, then the dough should be rolled out differently, sandwiching it not with oil, but with flour. Mix the ingredients with less flour. Roll out a thin layer, sprinkle it abundantly with flour, fold three times and place for 5-10 minutes in the freezer. Then again roll out, sprinkle with flour, roll and into the freezer. In total, you need to do this 3 times. If there is no freezer, you can put it on the refrigerator for half an hour. The main thing is that the oil should harden, and the dough does not stick and roll well.

Recipe 3: Puff yeast dough

Despite the fact that the yeast is dough, it is done quite quickly. Instead of fresh yeast, you can use regular dry ones. For the required amount of 70 g fresh yeast, you need to take about 23-25 ​​g dry.

Ingredients: wheat flour – 500g, margarine cream – 400g, sour cream – 100g, 2 yolks, sugar – 1 tbsp, fresh yeast stick – 70g, ½ tsp. salt, half a glass of milk.

Cooking method

In warm milk, dissolve the yeast with sugar, sprinkling 1 tbsp. l of flour. Leaven leave in a warm place, so that the yeast is brisk.

At this time, mix the flour with salt. Margarine chop with a knife, pouring the flour until the formation of crumbs. Transfer the mass into a large bowl. In a plate mix yolks with sour cream, pour into crumb, continuing to cut with a knife. Add the yeast starter and knead the dough. It should be soft enough, at the same time not to stick to your hands. You can pour a little more flour, if necessary. Then cut the dough with a knife and immediately you can start molding the products and bake cakes for cake, bagels, biscuits. Or, rolled into a ball and wrapped in a film, put in the refrigerator.

Recipe 4: Puff pastry on beer

Products made from such a test are soft and fragile. They melt in their mouths. You can make sticks, cookies, cakes, bagels. The highlight of the recipe is the moment when flour is mixed not with cold margarine, but with hot melted, the dough is as if brewed.

Ingredients: 250g of margarine, 4 cups of wheat flour, half a glass of light beer.

Cooking method

Melt the margarine until hot and pour into the flour. Stir, add the beer. First you can mix with a spoon, and then carefully knead the mass with your hands. Roll the bun, flatten it and place it in the freezer, wrapping it in a bag or a film.

Frozen dough unfrozen, roll out thinly, try to make a rectangle. Then fold it three times – one end to overlap, going behind the middle and covering with the other end. The resulting folded strip once again folded to form a square, thinly roll out and cut out the desired shape, bake until light-golden color.

Puff pastry – useful advice of experienced chefs

To make the flaky pastry easier to roll, you can use a bottle of wine filled with cold water instead of a rolling pin.

Baking tray before baking is not oiled, but moistened with cold water. The dough is always placed only in a well-heated oven.

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