How to cook peas: yellow, green, brown? Different ways of cooking peas dried, fresh and frozen: simple and complex recipes

Delicious, fragrant and healthy peas are known in many cuisines around the world.

In Russia it is used for cooking porridges, soups, salads, vegetarian “cutlets”, casseroles, mashed potatoes.

Particularly passionate admirers of a pea pod are boiling jelly and preparing puddings.

Boiled green peas – a fine side dish to a meat or fish dish.

This dish is prepared from a fresh or frozen product, and after cooking peas does not lose its useful substances and properties.

How to cook peas – general principles of cooking

Young or inexperienced housewives often do not know how to cook peas, and can even spoil the product. In fact, there is nothing complicated, you just need to consider some of the features of the fruits of this wonderful bean plant.

The cooking technology depends on which particular product – dried, fresh or frozen is used. Dry peas must be soaked in water at room temperature before cooking. For this, the grains are washed in one or two waters (depending on the degree of dustiness of pea flour), then poured with water about two fingers from the surface of the raw material.

Whole peas should be soaked for about five hours, crushed less – about two hours. The bottom line is that the grains swell well and quickly boil. Before pouring with water, they need to be sorted out, removed spoiled, rotten, darkened, dirty and just dubious peas and particles.

With prolonged soaking, water should be changed at least once. Ideally, fill the grain with a new portion of clean water can be once an hour and a half. Therefore, it is not very good to soak dried beans at night, although many housewives do just that, having decided to cook peas in the morning.

In principle, it is possible to completely avoid pre-soaking, but only in two cases: either there is absolutely no time for it, or there is a multivark in the kitchen that is able to cope even with such a whimsical product.

How to cook peas after soaking? Ready, fill a portion of fresh cold water. Time can vary from half an hour to one and a half and even two, which depends on the soaking time, grade and quality of the grains. It is important that salt from before the end of cooking can not: salt is added at the very end of the process, when the peas are almost ready.

If you have fresh or frozen peas, then naturally you do not need to soak it. Green peas are thrown immediately into boiling water and boiled from five to twenty minutes on high heat.

How to cook peas dried

Most often, the hostess cooks pea yellow (mustard color), dried – this is exactly what is sold in stores. The upper shells on it are kept, and during the cooking they will exfoliate. In the future, the peel is either left or discarded, rubbing the finished pea mass through a sieve.


• a glass of peas;

• three glasses of water;

• butter;

• salt.

Cooking method:

Prepared the city to fill with water for two hours.

Drain the water and rinse the seeds twice more with running water.

Pour a measured amount of fresh water.

Put the pan on a large fire and bring to a boil.

Fire reduce to medium, cook until cooked.

Periodically it is necessary to try for readiness, the first time – in half an hour after boiling.

Form a foam to remove a noisy or spoon.

If necessary, add a little water to the grain to finally boil.

Once the grain is ready, salt (about a quarter of a spoonful of salt in a glass of cereals).

Add butter to taste or rub for future use in suitable recipes.

How to cook chopped peas

Crushed peas are easier to prepare. Its peculiarity is in the absence of fruit shells: the grains are not simply split, but also polished. No difficulties with how to cook peas crushed-polished, no: just like one-piece, only less in time exactly half.


• two glasses of crushed peas;

• six glasses of cold drinking water;

• sweet-cream butter or any vegetable oil;

• some salt.

Cooking method:

Pour the washed crushed product with water in a proportion of one to two (you can take a smaller amount than indicated in the ingredients).

Put on a small fire.

As soon as the water begins to boil, add a spoonful of butter or vegetable oil.

Cook peas for half an hour, making sure that water does not boil away.

To prevent peas from burning, pour boiling water or hot (not cold!) Water into it in small portions.

After half an hour, taste the grain. If the middle is still stiff, continue cooking.

Once the grains are cooked completely, excess water is drained, peas kneaded or cooled as is.

How to cook peas green

Boiled green fresh peas – excellent garnish. It is loved by both adults and children, especially housewives: in comparison with the dried product, fresh does not require any preliminary preparation and is cooked almost instantly. Important nuance: water before boiling the peas should be boiled.


• green peas – fresh or frozen;

• drinking water;

• salt.

Cooking method:

Pour a large amount of water into a saucepan, bring to a boil.

Pour fresh or frozen grains in a pan to prevent the cooking process from stopping.

Frozen product must not be defrosted beforehand.

After a second boil, boil on high heat until soft peas. The first time you can try to get ready in five minutes.

Ensure that the shell of the grain remains intact, it does not burst (that is, not to digest).

Fold in a colander, then in a bowl.

Salt or preserve the natural taste (if peas boiled for salad).

How to cook peas in a multivariate

One of the wonderful properties of the multivark is its ability to cook soft, tasty peas from dried grains completely without soaking. Particularly pleasant, homogeneous, beautiful is the crushed product, although the whole is not worse at all.


• two glasses of crushed peas;

• four glasses of drinking water;

• a third of a spoonful of salt (you can more or less – for your own taste).

Cooking method:

Peas washed to clear water.

Pour into the multivark.

To fill with water.

Cook on the extinguishing mode for two hours.

During this time, the grain is guaranteed to be cooked, and it can be salted from before the beginning of cooking, and after.

How to cook peas

Turkish peas in cooking do not differ much from the usual pea grain. Is that a shade and a light nutty aroma.


• a glass of chickpeas;

• four glasses of clean water;

• salt to your own taste.

Cooking method:

Wash the bean seeds.

Pour the chickpeas with water for swelling just like regular peas, in the proportion of one to four. The soaking time is four hours.

To merge the water.

Grain pour a new portion of water in the same ratio.

Cook over medium heat until soft for about an hour.

Half an hour before the end of cooking salt. If you will prepare mashed potatoes for future use, you do not need to salt.

How to cook peas – tips and tips

  • Peas can not be salted at once: it will slow down the process of digestion. However, this property of grain can be used. If it is cooked from above, but inside is still hard, then you can slightly add water. So the upper part of the legumes will not boil completely, and the core will have time to “reach”.

  • If you add some ordinary soda to the water when cooking, the peas will boil faster and turn into puree. However, the taste of the dish will be changed.

  • If the water in which the peas are soaked, do not change or over-restrain the grains in the water, they can sour, and boil will be worse.

  • Fresh freshly boiled peas should be lowered into cold water to stop the digestion process, and then transferred to a container and stored in a refrigerator. To reheat the dish, the grains are then simply heated in hot water with the addition of a spoonful of butter.

  • Cooking peas in a multivarking is necessary on the extinguishing regime: no others will fit.

  • Soak peas and chickpeas in hot water can not. You need cold, from a tap or room temperature. From hot water, the protein in the protective peel curls, and the grain will be longer and worse to boil.

  • You can not cook peas in the same water in which the grains were soaked. It has an unpleasant taste and can spoil the dish.

  • If water in the process of cooking from pea boils, you should pour, but only boiling water. When the cold water is poured in, the upper part of the grain is digested, and the core remains solid.

  • When cooking green peas to keep it bright cheerful color will help a spoonful of sugar added to the water, and add spiciness and taste – a sprig of fresh garden mint.

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