Fried eggs in the microwave: they cook fast. Variations of fried eggs in a microwave with sausage, sausages, vegetables, mushrooms

We all love to sleep longer in the morning. But I want to have time to have breakfast.

Sandwiches, coffee and fried eggs are a standard set.

But to improve it, just change the eggs a little. For example, cook it in a microwave oven.

It turns out faster and tastier. Yes, and less to clean dishes.

Recipes for fried eggs in the microwave is not so much.

All of them are similar in the way of preparation, but the ingredients are different, and often – in principle.

To cook scrambled eggs in a microwave, you only need five minutes, but you can endlessly enjoy the prepared dish.

General principles of fried eggs in a microwave oven

Eggs for eggs are preferable to use chicken, but fit and quail, it all depends on your preferences.

Preparing fried eggs in the microwave for no more than five minutes.

Keep track of the degree of readiness of the dish, sometimes the microwave power is more, and therefore, it prepares faster.

Fried eggs in the microwave are best cooked for breakfast, although for many categories of people: students, bachelors, lazy people, it’s also lunch and dinner.

Use the greens! Parsley and dill will be ideal if you are a herb-lover, you can add Provence herbs and basil, they will improve the flavor of the dish and change its habitual taste for the better.

Do not forget to pepper and salt the eggs, but remember that everything should be in moderation.

For fried eggs in the microwave is perfect for cheese of solid varieties, while it should melt well.

As additional ingredients for fried eggs in the microwave are excellent vegetables: onions, tomatoes, cauliflower.

If you like eggs with liquid yolks or soft-boiled, reduce the cooking time, but if you prefer eggs in a steep – on the contrary, increase.

Do not forget that during cooking, fried eggs increase its volume.

Use a special microwave cookware, do not use metal dishes or porcelain.

Fried eggs in a microwave should be used hot.

Fried eggs in the microwave: favorite bachelor dish

Everyone knows how to cook scrambled eggs, but not everyone knows how to do it skillfully and deliciously. Fried eggs in the microwave are more appetizing and juicy, if one of the ingredients uses a ripe tomato. Preference is given to those tomatoes that have a neat oval shape. The number of ingredients is calculated per serving, but at one time you can prepare several portions in the microwave.


• one egg

• salt

• dill

• pepper

• parsley

• a small piece of butter

• one tomato

• a piece of cheese


Rinse the tomato well and dry it on the towel. Remove the top of the tomato, then scrub all the pulp. Thus, it turns out a kind of glass.

Put a small piece of butter in it.

After you beat the egg in there. Add the salt.


Place on a dish for a microwave. Place the egg in the tomato in the microwave and set the time for a couple of minutes. After the signal sounds, rub the cheese on the egg. Bake another minute.

Prepare the prepared dish with herbs, finely chopped parsley and a sprig of dill.

Fried eggs in the microwave: all the colors of the rainbow

Scrambled eggs with this recipe are very bright and juicy. When there is no plate, and you want to eat, fried eggs in the microwave – the ideal option. Preparing this dish faster than fast, its shape and composition can vary.


• a pair of eggs

• green canned peas

• one tomato

• shallot

• pepper

• salt

• a small piece of butter

• half a glass of cream


We use a special form for microwave oven. Lubricate it gently with butter, not only the bottom, but also the edges.

Wash tomato and dry it. Cut into small cubes. We also do the onion. We put it into the form.

Add the polka dots and mix.

Pour into the cream, evenly distributing them over vegetables.

We drive the eggs over the received mass. Pepper and add salt. Do not forget to pierce the yolk!

We pour the eggs with cream. After that, cover with a glass lid and put in the microwave for four minutes.

Ready dish is decorated with greenery.

Fried eggs in a microwave: the shape matters

A set of many microwaves includes special forms, in which you can cook what your heart desires. For fried eggs with sausage and cheese – the best option is not to think of. It turns out a kind of sandwich: several layers and you can put on bread.


• five eggs

• five slices of sausage

• hard cheese

• salt

• pepper

• dill

• water


We use smoked sausage, it will give more flavor and will not rise in contrast to cooked.

In a special form lay out a circle of smoked sausage. We fill it with an egg from above.

Be sure to pierce the yolk, otherwise the egg in the microwave will just explode.

Salt and add the black pepper.

Top with a spoonful of water, sprinkle finely chopped dill and grated cheese.

Put the form in the microwave and set the timer for a minute. After the signal informs about the end of the program, let the fried eggs stand a little, ten seconds, and again set the time for one minute. The scrambled eggs are ready.

Fried eggs in the microwave: bread, eggs, sausages

It is believed that fried eggs in bread – a favorite dish of the French. We went further and use a microwave to make it. It turns out beautiful, appetizing and well-fried. For this dish it is necessary to use strictly toast bread, ordinary rolls will simply crumble, and bread black will not give the eggs the right color and aroma.


• four eggs

• salt

• parsley

• pepper

• a small piece of butter

• a piece of cheese

• two or three sausages

• four slices of bread one and a half centimeters thick


In the bread, cut out the middle of the shape and size you need, while there must be a bottom in the piece of bread.

Bread fry in butter on both sides.

When it cools down, in the middle of each piece, put the sausages.

They must be cut into small cubes.

Top up the eggs. Take care that they do not flow out beyond the edges of the middle.

Please salt. Add the pepper.

Rub on a large grater cheese and sprinkle bread and eggs on them.

Put our “sandwiches” on a special dish, cover them with a lid and put them in the microwave for three or four minutes. Do not forget to pierce the yolk!

After the scrambled eggs in the bread is ready, decorate it with twigs of parsley.

Fried eggs in a microwave: tomato and pepper

This dish uses pepper, and as usual black ground, and sweet Bulgarian. But sausage is better to take salami, it gives a wonderful scent of fried eggs, besides, thanks to it and tomatoes the dish turns out more juicy and satisfying.


• six eggs

• a small piece of butter

• a piece of cheese

• the fourth part of a stick with salami

• sweet pepper

• salt

• parsley

• pepper

• one tomato


Wash the tomato well and dry it, remove the top and middle.

Pepper sweet also rinse, remove the seeds and cut into small strips.

Salami cut into small cubes.

In a tomato “glass” lay the butter, pepper and salami, top with the egg. Add salt and black pepper. Sprinkle eggs on top of a large grater with cheese.

Place the glasses on a special dish and put in a microwave for three minutes.

When the eggs are ready, decorate it with parsley.

Fried eggs in microwave oven: standard set

This kind of scrambled eggs is not a sin. Easy and simple, it contains a standard set of ingredients, among which egg is the main place. So that they do not explode in the microwave, do not forget to poke the yolks with a toothpick. And be sure to cover the form with a lid. Do not use metal utensils, only special microwave utensils!


• five eggs

• can of canned champignons

• half a smoked sausage sticks

• salt

• parsley

• cheese

• a small piece of butter

• pepper

• mayonnaise


Mold the microwave with butter, starting from the edges and up to the bottom.

In it, put the sausage, cut into small cubes.

Champignons to dry and cut with plastics. Lay over the sausage. Cover with mayonnaise.

From above to drive eggs. Salt and add the pepper.

Cheese grate on a large grater and sprinkle eggs.

Cover the form and put in a microwave for five minutes.

When the eggs are ready, decorate it with a sprig of parsley.

Tips and tricks of cooking scrambled eggs in a microwave oven

  • Yolks need to be punctured with a toothpick before putting the eggs in the microwave, then it surely will not break out all over the appliance.

  • Peas, mushrooms, corn is best used in a canned form, fried eggs will be prepared quickly.

  • Lubricate the form completely. Well miss not only the bottom, but also the walls of the dishes.

  • Use only butter, it will not spoil the dish and make it fat.

  • Depending on the model of the multivark, set the cooking time of fried eggs.

  • To fry eggs turned airy, beat the cooking time for periods. Minute cook, let stand for 15 seconds, then again prepare a minute, then – a pause in 10 seconds and so on.

  • If you want to make an original scrambled eggs, use special shapes with bumpers. It can be heart shapes, flowers, figurines, and thanks to the sides, you will be sure that the scrambled eggs will not escape.

  • Keep track of the amount of salt. Do not overdo it! Remember that in the same sausage already there is salt, which means that for the dish as a whole you need only a small pinch.

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