Delicious cutlets from cod - the whole family will be delighted! A selection of recipes for delicious cutlets from cod: fried, steamed, baked

Cod meat contains a large amount of phosphorus, amino acids, magnesium, protein and calcium.

Due to the low content of fat in it, the product is considered a low-calorie.

Dishes from this fish are easy to digest.

Therefore, cutlets from cod – it’s not only delicious, but also very useful.

Tasty cutlets from cod – general principles of preparation

Delicious cutlets from cod are steamed, fried or baked in the oven. Of course, it’s easier to fry fish, but believe me, soft, juicy and tasty cutlets from cod will taste to all. Again, not all children love fish, and even they will not refuse from the cutlets.

Mincemeat for meatballs is easy to prepare by yourself. Cod is a fairly large fish, and it will not be difficult to separate it into fillets. Carcase the fish wash, cut fins and tail and remove the skin. Remove the backbone and remove small bones from the fillets obtained.

The fillet is ground to the ground with a meat grinder or blender.

Onions are ground in a similar way and added to fish minced meat. Then send the bread, soaked in milk or water, beforehand, slightly pressing bread.

In the received weight drive in an egg, add the crushed greens of a basil and parsley. All season with salt or black pepper and carefully mix everything.

Mince of cod is left for a while and drain the formed liquid.

Cutlets are formed from the resulting mass. Then they are fried or baked in the oven, pre-bottled in flour or breadcrumbs.

If you cook chops for a couple, you do not need to pan them.

For a change in minced meat, you can add cottage cheese, vegetables or oat flakes.

Recipe 1. Delicious cutlets from cod


600 g of cod fillets;


a can of cod liver;


30 g of parsley;

black pepper;

vegetable oil;

salt kitchen.

Cooking method

1. Fillet of my cod under running water. We dissolve it with napkins and check for small pits. If any, remove them with tweezers. Cut the fillets into pieces and crush it in a blender until smooth.

2. We open the jar with the liver of cod and drain the oil. Put the contents on a plate and knead it with a fork. Add the liver of cod to fish minced meat.

3. Green parsley rinses, dried and finely chopped. Put greens in stuffing. All pepper and salt. We constantly try salt, as the cod liver itself is quite salty.

4. We drive into the stuffing egg and mix it well. Form wet hands round cutlets and bread each in breadcrumbs. Fry the billets in hot oil until they are delicious. We serve cutlets with rice or vegetable garnish.

Recipe 2. Delicious cutlets from cod with sauce



half a kilo of cod fillet;

vegetable oil;

100 g of fat;

black pepper;



petioles of celery;


100 g breadcrumbs.


50 g of sour cream;

clove of garlic;

half a lemon;


Cooking method

1. Cod fillets wash, dry with napkins and remove small bones, if any. Cut the fillets with chunks and chop into minced meat in a blender or with a meat grinder. In the same way chop the lard, peeled onions and celery.

2. Add egg and bread crumbs to the fish mince. Pepper, salt and knead well. Blind large enough cutlets from the received forcemeat.

3. Put them in a frying pan with well-heated oil and fry until a ruddy crust, then turn over, lower the heat, cover and cook the patties for another ten minutes.

4. Chop the garlic and avocado into the blender until it is porridge. Pour into the resulting mixture of juice from half a lemon and add the sour cream. Stir the sauce thoroughly. Serve cutlets with a garnish of rice, watering them with sauce.

Recipe 3. Delicious cutlets from cod with cottage cheese


fillets of cod – half a kilogram;


cottage cheese – 250 g;

flour for breading;


spices for fish;



greens of parsley, basil and celery;

vegetable oil – glass;


white loaf – three slices.

Cooking method

1. Wash the fillet of cod under the tap, dry it and remove the small bones and skin. Cut the fish into pieces, put them into a deep bowl and sprinkle with freshly squeezed juice from one lemon. Leave it for a while to get rid of the smell of fish. Then chop the cod fillets into stuffing.

2. Cut the crust from the loaf. Pellet shred and place in a separate bowl. Fill the bread with milk and leave it to soften. Then squeeze it and add to the fish mince.

3. Peel the onion and finely chop. Pass the onion in a well-heated sunflower oil until red.

4. Onion fry slightly cool and put into minced fish. Rinse greens, dry and finely chop.

5. Wipe the cottage cheese through a sieve and add it to a bowl with minced meat. Thoroughly knead mince until smooth. Form out of it oval cutlets. Each zaponirovat in flour.

6. Put the cutlets in a frying pan with preheated oil, fry until a ruddy crust, then turn over, pour a little water, cover and simmer on low heat for seven minutes. Served with fresh vegetables and greens.

Recipe 4. Delicious cutlets from cod in coconut breading


half a kilogram of potatoes;

0.5 kg of cod fillets;

olive oil;

50 g of butter;

100 g of coconut chips;

75 ml of soy sauce;

100 gr of breadcrumbs;

2 cloves of garlic;

2 eggs;

50 ml of milk;

half a pod of chilli pepper;

5 feathers of green onion;

a small bunch of green cilantro.

Cooking method

1. Peel the boiled potatoes until soft, drain the broth, and rastolkite the vegetable to mash and cool.

2. Wash fish fillets, dry and let it through the meat grinder. Mix the minced fish soup with the mashed potatoes, add cream butter and finely chopped green onions. Pour in the soy sauce and squeeze out the peeled garlic. Season all with coriander and salt. Carefully knead the stuffing.

3. Form small round cutlets from fish minced meat and roll each in flour. Place the workpieces on a board and put them on the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour.

4. In the dish, mix the breadcrumbs and coconut chips. In a separate plate, whip the egg and milk. Each cutlet is soaked in a beaten egg, then roll in coconut breading. Fry the cutlets in hot olive oil until you eat a tasty crust.

Recipe 5. Delicious cutlets from cod in a multi-pair store


600 g of cod fillets;

30 g of corn starch;

a bunch of dill;


clove of garlic;

60 ml of vegetable oil;

5 g of salt.

Cooking method

1. Wash the fillet of cod under the tap, cut it into slices and wring it from excess moisture. Put into the container of the blender and grind until smooth. Dill and peeled garlic finely chopped.

2. In the fish mince, add the egg, dill, garlic and starch. Knead thoroughly forcemeat. Blind the cutlets from it. Each oil for sleepiness with oil and put in a container for cooking on steam.

3. Pour half a liter of water into the bowl of the multivark. At the top, install the container with cutlets, close the lid and activate the “Steaming by steaming” program. Cutlets prepare a quarter of an hour. Serve cutlets with sour cream or garlic sauce.

Recipe 6. Tasty cutlets from cod with oat flakes


fillets of cod – 700 g;

greenery of basil and parsley;


two eggs;

oat flakes – a glass;

vegetable oil;


butter – 100 g;

black pepper;

half a lemon.

Cooking method

1. Defrost the cod and thaw thoroughly. Check for small bones. If they are present, remove them with tweezers. Cut the cod fillets into slices. Peel the onions and cod fillets in a homogeneous mass in a blender.

2. Stuff the stuffing in a suitable dish, and put half a glass of oatmeal flakes. Salt, pepper, squeeze the juice from half a lemon and knead the stuffing until smooth.

3. Boil eggs, cool and clean. Chop them into small pieces and add the ground eggs into the ground meat. Once again, knead.

4. Take a bit of minced meat, make a cake from it, put a piece of creamy butter in the center and form a cutlet so that the butter is inside the cutlet.

5. Grind the remaining flakes in the blender to the state of flour. Pour on a plate and zapadniruet in them every cutlet. Fry the cutlets from the cod to the ruddy crust on both sides. Then each cutlet wrapped in parchment, put on a baking sheet and send for 15 minutes in the oven. Serve cutlets with rice garnish and a salad of fresh vegetables.

Recipe 7. Delicious dietary cutlets from cod


cod (fillets) – 300 g;

five leaves of lettuce;

olive oil – 100 ml;

sour cream – 50 g;


flour – 60 g;


white bread – two slices;




spinach – five leaves.

Cooking method

1. Rinse the cod fillets well, lightly dry with napkins and select small bones. Cut into small pieces and pass the fillet through a meat grinder.

2. Wet white bread in water or milk. Vegetables clean, wash and cut into slices. Press the bread and twist it through the meat grinder along with the vegetables. Combine the mixture of vegetables and bread with fish minced meat.

3. Wash the spinach leaves, finely chop and select the shoots. Shredded leaves add to ground, season with spices, salt and knead it with hands until uniform.

4. Form the cutlets, roll them in flour and fry in hot olive oil until ruddy on a small fire. Plate the plate with lettuce leaves and lay out ready-made cutlets from cod. To cutlets you can serve sauce based on sour cream with herbs and garlic.

Delicious cutlets from cod – cunning and advice from experienced cooks

  • To make the cutlets juicy, add sour cream, pork lard or a couple of stalks of celery to the minced fish, chopping everything in the meat grinder.

  • If it seems to you that the fish mince turned liquid, add more bread to it.

  • Mincemeat for cutlets from cod can be prepared from several types of fish. It is better to combine cod with oily fish.

  • Add mayonnaise to the stuffing. Cutlets will turn out more tender and taste more pleasant.

  • Cutlets from cod are served with vegetable or rice garnish.

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