Custard without oil - it still turns delicious! Recipes of chocolate, vanilla, banana custards without oil

Custard cream is one of the cheapest and tasty options. There are a lot of recipes. What is only in it is not added, and sometimes is cleaned. For example, prepare a sweet treat without oil. Shall we try?

Custard without oil – general principles of preparation

The cream always has a milk basis. On it you can not save. Otherwise, the taste will suffer. It is necessary to add sugar, you can take powder. Sometimes there is natural honey or syrup, molasses, condensed milk.

What is used for density:

• flour;

• starch;

• yolks;

• chocolate.

All ingredients are combined in a certain sequence and warmed up. It is best to use a water bath, but it turns out long. Therefore, most often cook a treat on the stove in a saucepan. As soon as the cream begins to thicken and “flop” it should be immediately removed from the fire. After cooling, it will become even thicker and more saturated.

Custard without oil “Vanilla”

A classic recipe for vanilla custard without oil on flour and yolks. The weight turns out dense, sated, suitable for any cakes and pastries.


• 4 yolks;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• 2 tbsp. milk;

• 1 tbsp. Sahara;

• 1 vanilla sachet.


1. Gently remove the yolks from the proteins, immediately put in a saucepan.

2. Sugar is first mixed with flour, then added to the yolks. We rub all together so that no lumps are formed.

3. Add the milk, mix again and move it to the stove.

4. Cook the cream for about 7-10 minutes, do not go far. As the mass thickens, you will have to stir it more often, and by the end of cooking, do it continuously, otherwise the mass will burn.

5. Pour the vanilla, remove the thick cream from the fire. A little cool, but you can completely cool. Does not matter.

6. We dip the mixer, beat for a couple of minutes, so that the product becomes more lush, tender, homogeneous.

Custard without oil on starch

Formulation without flour on potato starch. You can use cornstarch, if you can find it, because it is much less common on the market. Instead of vanilla, you can take any essence, add a little zest or cinnamon.


• 500 ml of milk;

• 3 yolks;

• 3 tablespoons of starch;

• vanilla;

• 200 g of sugar.


1. Separate half a cup of milk, add starch, stir. If the milk is warm, then immediately clots will form and nothing will come out.

2. Mix the yolks, sugar and the remaining milk, whisk until smooth, set to cook on the stove, do not forget to stir the future cream periodically.

3. As soon as the mass becomes hot, we introduce dilute starch in a thin trickle. From this moment, from the pan do not depart constantly stir the mass, which quickly thickens at the edges and at the bottom.

4. Throw vanillin, you can use essence or vanilla sugar. We remove from the fire.

5. Cool, if desired, whisk additionally.

Custard without butter “Chocolate” with tile

Variants of chocolate custards without oil are many. This is prepared with a tile, which also contributes to thickening. It is important that in chocolate there are at least 70% cocoa, in this case the taste will be saturated.


• 600 ml of milk;

• 2 yolks;

• 80 g of chocolate;

• 1.5 tbsp. Sahara;

• 2 tablespoons of flour.


1. Mix the flour and sugar, stir, add the egg yolks and pour the milk in portions.

2. We put on the stove, prepare an ordinary custard.

3. Chocolate is broken in small pieces and at the very end we add to the cream.

4. Remove from the heat and stir intensely, we wait for the complete dissolution of the pieces.

5. Cool the cream, but do not cool it. In the refrigerator, it will harden, become hard, it will look like chocolate pasta.

Custard without butter from condensed milk

No milk? Do not need! And sugar is also not needed for custard from condensed milk. This delicacy will be different to taste, but it will not spoil it, on the contrary, many people like this option even more.


• 1 can of condensed milk;

• 200 ml of water;

• 1 yolk;

• 1.5 tablespoons of flour;

• Vanilla.


1. Yolk weed with flour, we first introduce condensed milk. Stir thoroughly.

2. Now introduce water, dilute the mixture.

3. We send to the stove, cook on moderate fire.

4. We fill with vanillin or any other flavor.

5. Thickened cream is removed from the fire, cooled, if necessary, whipped for splendor.

Custard without butter “Chocolate” with cocoa

Another variation of the chocolate cream. Its taste will directly depend on the quality of cocoa. It is desirable to take a natural black powder, intended for the preparation of desserts, and not for soluble drinks such as “Nesquic.”


• 0.5 liters of milk;

• a glass of sugar;

• 30 g of cocoa;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• 4 yolks.


1. Mix the sifted cocoa and flour, add sugar and some milk to them. We rub it to homogeneity, it should look like a chocolate cream.

2. Add the yolks separated from the proteins, grind them with all the ingredients.

3. We mass the chocolate mass with milk and immediately put it on the stove.

4. Cook the cream until it becomes thick, homogeneous.

5. Cool, to taste, you can add ground nuts, vanillin. Perfectly combines with chocolate cream brandy, for this amount of dessert is enough 1-2 tsp. alcoholic beverage.

Custard without oil with bananas

The recipe for a universal cream, which can be used to lubricate the cakes, as a filling for pies. If you add chocolate chips, fresh berries or fruits, beautifully decorated, you will get a wonderful independent dessert.


• 3 bananas;

• 400 ml of milk;

• a pinch of ground cardamom;

• 70 g of sugar;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• 2 yolks;

• Vanilla sugar 1 tsp.


1. Divide the milk into two parts. In one we add sugar, we send on a plate.

2. We combine the yolks with flour, grind, add vanillin and a pinch of ground cardamom, but it is possible without it. Dilute with milk.

3. We clean bananas, we rub to a consistence of mashed potatoes. To make the cream thick and rich, choose ripe bananas.

4. Add to the boiling milk the second mixture with yolks and flour, stir, continue to warm up.

5. As soon as the mass begins to thicken, we put bananas in it, warm it up again.

6. Remove the cream from the fire, season with vanilla sugar, stir, cool.

7. Cold cream slightly beaten with a mixer, used for the intended purpose.

Sponge cake without butter

Recipe for ordinary biscuit, which is soaked in custard without oil. It can be prepared according to any of the above options. The cake will perfectly match with all tastes, from banana, to vanilla and chocolate.


• 3 large eggs;

• a pinch of a ripper;

• 700 ml of custard cream;

• a glass of flour;

•? Art. Sahara.


1. Sift flour. Add a pinch of ripper that will insure in case the cake wants to settle or something goes wrong.

2. Eggs to break into a clean and dry bowl, immerse the mixer, turn it on to the maximum speed, whip for about five minutes.

3. Gradually introduce granulated sugar, whisk biscuit for at least 20 minutes. Foam should become thick, lush, white, at the bottom of a bowl of liquid eggs should not remain.

4. Fall asleep into the egg foam flour, stir with a spatula.

5. We pour the dough into the prepared form, the bottom of which is necessarily covered with parchment, and oiled. The side parts are easy enough to lubricate.

6. We set to bake. The optimum temperature is 175-180. If the shape is less than 20 cm, then we expose 160.

7. Cool the biscuit. It is advisable to let it rest for hours 5-10. Then we take a long knife and cut the cake into several plates. It is desirable that there are three.

8. Lubricate the cakes with a custard, which must be prepared in advance and cooled. The top and sides of the dessert should also be greased. We decorate at our discretion.

Eclairs with custard without oil

Recipe for air eclairs, which can be filled with any custard. Since variants without oil will be used, the cakes will not turn out to be too fatty and will be less caloric. Cream can go a little more or less, depending on the degree of filling of the eclairs and the size of the inner cavity.


• a glass of flour;

• glass of water;

• 100 g of oil;

• 4 eggs;

• salt;

• 700 g of cream.


1. Boil a glass of water with oil and a pinch of salt. Remove from the fire, fill the flour and quickly stir with a spatula. We return to the fire and hold a little more, but do not stop stirring. The mass should be smooth.

2. We remove, we cool a little. The dough should be warm.

3. The most important point is the introduction of eggs. We add first halves, each time stir very well. Then we introduce a whole egg.

4. We transfer the dough to the bag, cut off the tip and squeeze it onto the baking sheet of the eclair. The approximate thickness is 2-3 cm, the length is not limited, but usually done in the form of fingers. We must remember that the products will increase greatly in size, so we leave enough space between them.

5. Bake to a crispy crust, the temperature for brewed cakes is 200-210. Cool it down.

6. Fill empty eclairs with cooked cream. It is more convenient to do this with a pastry syringe.

Custard without oil – useful tips and tricks

• If there is no fresh milk or condensed milk, the cream can be cooked from divorced milk or cream of any fat content. Too it will be delicious.

• If there are lumps in the cream, it’s easy to fix. You can wipe the mass through a sieve. Even easier – beat to a homogeneous consistency blender.

• If the cream does not want to thicken, you need to add more flour. She is bred with cold water and added to the hot mass on the stove. It is important at the same time to quickly stir the spoon with a spoon.

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