Chicken salad with prunes - the best recipes. How to prepare a chicken salad with prunes correctly and tasty.
I do not think that between us there is someone who does not like prunes. This dried fruit not only has a unique taste, but also thanks to its useful properties, it has a beneficial effect on our body. Prunes are used not only in cooking, but also in the quality of preventive remedy for many diseases. And prunes are rich in organic acids, ascorbic and nicotinic acid, it contains carotene, riboflavin, thiamine.

Leading culinary specialists of the world use prunes in many of their masterpieces, and all of them without exception have not only an original look, but also a wonderful taste. If we talk about such a dish as a chicken with garlic, then it may seem to some people that these two ingredients are incompatible, because prunes are a sweet berry. But the cooks in turn broke this belief, giving us the opportunity to combine incongruous, including prunes with chicken meat.

Recipe 1. Chicken with prunes

To create this culinary masterpiece, which we recommend to prepare for any festive table, it is necessary to cook: chicken – 1.5 kg; prunes dried – 100-120 g; apple – 3 pieces; sour cream – 3 tablespoons; Provencal herbs – 0.5 tsp; pepper and salt to taste.

Let’s get started. We will wash the carcass under running water completely. Pour sour cream into a small bowl, add Provencal herbs, black pepper and salt. Mix well and dry the dried chicken outside inside. Let’s leave it aside for 1 hour – let it be soaked in a dressing and well prommarinyetsya.

We take for prunes. Put it in a colander and rinse well. If you get prunes hard and dry, it is better to pre-soak it in advance. Apple clean and cut slices. We mix with prunes and fill the chicken. Use a toothpick to chip the hole. Take a tight thread and tie the legs of the chicken. We send the stuffed chicken to the culinary sleeve and tightly tie the edges. Put it in a baking dish, and fork with a few punctures on the sleeve to evaporate the steam. We will heat the oven to 180 * C and send the chicken for 50 minutes to bake.

The readiness of our dish can be checked with a toothpick. Puncture the chicken through the bag, and if it is clean, then the meat is already prepared. Now we cut the package with kitchen scissors and once again we send it for 15 minutes to the oven for browning.

We select the prepared dish from the sleeve, transfer it to the dish, remove the toothpicks, and the threads. The filling (apple with prunes) is selected and laid out around the bird. Enjoy your appetite !!!

Recipe 2. Salad with chicken, prunes and nuts

Incredible combination of the taste qualities of all its ingredients will certainly not leave indifferent even the skeptical gourmets themselves. So, we need: chicken fillet – -200 g; cheese – 80g; egg – 4 pieces; apple – 1 piece; Prunes – 100g; walnut – 80g; mayonnaise – to taste. For decoration, you can use greens and sliced ​​carrots sliced ​​carrots.

We collect the boiling water in a saucepan and soak prunes in it for softening for 2-3 minutes. After that, rinse it under the tap and chop it up finely. You can put walnut kernels in a bag and beat them with a rolling pin or crush them with a knife. Cheese grate on a large grater. Boil hard boiled eggs. Put 3 egg yolks aside, and cut the remaining ones with a knife. In another saucepan, we cook chicken fillet, then cut it into small pieces.

We take a beautiful wide dish and lay half the meat square. A spoon is well weakened. On top of the meat lay a layer of cheese and pour a mesh of yogurt or mayonnaise. You can also mix yogurt with mayonnaise and lubricate with such a mixture.

The next layer is the crushed egg, which is covered with a layer of grated apple. All layers are laid out in a square shape. Each layer is rammed with a spoon.

From above on a layer of apples we will lay out a layer of prunes and again we put a grid from mayonnaise or yoghurt. Now lay out a layer of crushed nuts, on which we distribute the topmost layer – the second half of chicken meat. All layers are laid out, it remains only to lubricate the entire surface of the salad with mayonnaise. First, we grease the sides of the salad shape, and then proceed to the top. Do this carefully so as not to destroy the top layer.

We decorate the salad. We boil the boiled carrots along the slices and decorate the salad in the form of a gift, that is, crosswise. At the edges of the carrot ribbons, attach thin stripes of green onion feathers, and as a bow will adapt the thin petals made from carrots. The rest of the surface is sprinkled with crushed egg yolks. For decoration, you can use your imagination. Well, that’s all – delicious gift is ready!

Recipe 3. Salad with chicken, prunes and mushrooms

The combination of taste of chicken, prunes and mushrooms gives the salad a gentle and distinctive taste. We recommend you to prepare: chicken meat – 400g; prunes without pips – 70 g; champignons – 200 g; onion – 1 piece; cheese – 100 g; walnut crushed – 50 g; mayonnaise – 6 tablespoons; mayonnaise – 6 tablespoons; salt – to taste.

First, prepare the products. We lower a pan with water chicken, bay leaf, salt and pepper peas – let it cook half an hour on a slow fire. Onions will be cleaned and cut into half rings. Mushrooms we will cut thin slices and we will send them to prepare for a frying pan with the warmed vegetable oil. Add the onions to the mushrooms and cook on average heat for about 15-20 minutes constantly stirring. Soak prunes for 20 minutes in the water, after which we cut it in small pieces. Finished meat is cooled and cut into small cubes. On grater we rub cheese, add it to meat, prunes and chilled fried mushrooms, and mix. We fill with mayonnaise and lay out beautifully in a deep glass salad bowl. Finely chop the walnut kernels with a knife and sprinkle on the salad.

Recipe 4. Salad of chicken, prunes and fresh cucumber

In order to prepare 4 servings of salad according to this recipe, you will need: chicken fillet – 3 pieces; fresh cucumbers – 2 pcs; chicken egg – 5 pcs; prunes – 80 g; potatoes – 2 pieces; garlic – 2 tooth; sour cream or mayonnaise – for refueling.

I am transferring to you the recipe for marinating chicken fillet, resulting in the meat is particularly delicate and delicious. For a salad you can simply boil the breast, but if you prepare this salad for the holiday, you can prepare the breast in advance and marinate it for 3 days. So, for 1 kg of fillet you need to prepare 1 pod of chili, garlic – 5 tooth; mustard – 1 tbsp. salt – 1 teaspoon; balsamic vinegar or lemon juice – 1 tbsp; soy sauce – 1 tbsp. olive oil 1 tbsp. Cut the fillet along in half, so that we have 2 slices. Chop the chili and garlic, and together with the mustard and salt we send to the bowl. Good grind and add other ingredients. Once again stir everything and put pieces of meat into the ready marinade. Well roll in marinade all the pieces of fillet and fold the meat into containers. Send to the freezer for at least 2 days. From the evening select the container and shift it to the shelf of the refrigerator. Until morning it melt away. Now you can fry the pickled meat from all sides, cool it and apply it in a salad. Cut the meat into cubes and add a little mayonnaise. We mix it. If you have boiled breast, then to it you need to add 2 cloves of garlic passed through the press and a little mayonnaise.

Clean the cucumbers and cut them into cubes. Prunes drop in hot water for swelling for 30 minutes. Then select the fruit and cut them into pieces. Boil the eggs and separate the proteins from the yolks. Cook potatoes in a uniform.

Collect the salad layers. First lay out the chicken fillet, mixed with mayonnaise. Then a layer of prunes and smear thinly sour cream or mayonnaise. The third layer is grated protein and carefully greased from above with sour cream or mayonnaise. The next layer – cubes of cucumbers, and again close a thin layer of mayonnaise. The last layer is grated chicken yolk. Everything, lettuce is ready!

Recipe 5. Salad soft with chicken and prunes

Let’s get ready for cooking salad Tenderness “with chicken and prunes, but before we prepare: roast fillets – 250 g; prunes – 200 g; chicken eggs – 6 pcs; fresh cucumber – 400g; dill – 1 bunch; mayonnaise – 250g; salt – to taste.

Let’s start cooking salad. In this recipe you can also use marinade for chicken meat, which is described in the previous recipe. Boil prunes and cut into strips, nuts crushed in a mortar. Boil the eggs and separate the protein from the yolks. Proteins finely chopped, and yolks are used to decorate a salad. Fresh cucumbers cut into single strips. Let’s put the salad in a beautiful glass salad bowl. The first layer – cucumber straw, then cubes of roasted chicken meat, followed by a layer of prunes, egg white and walnuts. Layered with a thin layer of mayonnaise. From above decorate the salad finely chopped dill, grated yolks and walnut kernels.

Secrets and tips from the best cooks are helpful.

– To fresh herbs in salads had a beautiful appearance, then before use, soak it for 1 hour in ice water and set aside in the refrigerator.

– To make the salad look beautiful, it is recommended that all the ingredients be cut into the same shape.

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