To the child of 5 months
The child has already grown significantly – he was 5 months old! The active and independent kid has changed a lot. It seems that yesterday he was lying in a wheelchair and almost all the time he was sleeping, now he is constantly busy with important matters: he is examining, stretching somewhere, grabbing things, throwing them to the floor and listening with pleasure to the sound of falling, watching. Most importantly, he simply needs to communicate with his mother, father, grandmothers, other family members. He already knows his family very well. The weight of the baby became after birth more than twice, and although every little man develops in its own way, almost all the children by this time grow by 13-15 cm, they increase the weight for the last month by an average of 650-700 grams.

Development of a child in 5 months (which should be able to)

Intellectual development of the baby has significantly advanced – he already pronounces a few vowels (a, e, s, and), some consonant sounds (b, d, k, m). Looking in the mirror, he distinguishes his reflection, pulls into the mouth of any object, squeaks, and even growls with pleasure. Looking around in a new room, the kid marks interesting things for himself and reaches for them, does not give up toys when trying to take them by force, starts to whine or cry loudly.

To other people’s people, the child is suspicious, especially does not like women. Motor development also gives the result: the kid holds the objects tightly, plays with rattles, pshchakalki, bites his toes and easily flips from the tummy to the back, while keeping the head well. At this age, some babies already try to sit in cushions and on the hands of adults.

Childcare at 5 months

In the fifth month the baby becomes very mobile, and on the skin in some places may appear irritation. Red spots on the back, head, legs, sweating are usual phenomena, you should not worry. You do not need to babble, dress a lot of clothes, keep naked (if the temperature in the room allows). Take care that the baby is not irritated by tight stitches, on sheets and clothes, do not use the diaper for more than 3 hours. Wash the baby after each change of diapers, at the very least, wipe with a towel or a damp towel.

You need to bathe your baby daily, but do not use soap more than 1-2 times a week. It is better to go for a bath before going to bed, but for hyper-active babies, who only get energy from bathing, it is better to postpone the procedure for the first half of the day. Every morning, wash your face, wipe your eyes. Clean the ears and spout as it gets dirty. Care for the baby remains the same, but for its development opens much more opportunities. The kid is awake between daytime sleep for 1-2 hours.

Often he is capricious, and his behavior very often depends on the behavior of adults. Calm parents, talking to the baby without irritation, in a calm, measured tone, the baby feels it well and calms down much easier. Baby still does not like strangers, so try not to leave him alone with strangers. A baby can be taken with a kangaroo or slings, the presence of the mother nearby makes the baby bold and allows him to look around. Watching their communication and behavior.

Nutrition of the child in 5 months

In 5 months, babies can still completely manage their mother’s milk, as a complementary food – just a couple of spoons of apple puree and fruit or vegetable juice. If the baby is calm, sleeps well, then he has enough food, but when he began to gain weight poorly, it is more likely to be capricious, this may be due to malnutrition. Gradually introduce more serious lure – liquid porridge. Within a month the baby will get used to new food, and one feeding will be completely new. The first adult food is not only porridge, but also potatoes, cabbage, carrots, zucchini. The boiled vegetables are ground to a smoothie together with the broth to the consistency of kefir.

Give the baby a spoon, gradually increasing the dose. Mineral substances and vitamins with complementary foods change peristalsis of the intestine. It is necessary to closely monitor these changes, the chair and skin condition may become different. For the introduction of complementary foods, strict rules should be followed – you can not do this if there are any diseases. If breast milk is not enough, it is better to feed the baby with milk formulas from a bottle with a pacifier. After full recovery, very carefully, you can give and other food. Vegetable puree is best given to a hungry baby. If he does not like the new food – do not insist. It is better to wait. Let the baby play table and napkins with spoons.

The regime of the child’s day in 5 months

The fifth month in the life of the baby brings a change in the schedule – he is awake almost half of the day time, the active period lasts almost two hours. In the evening it is better to reduce it to 1 hour. Morning sleep passes after breakfast, daytime nap after lunch, two intervals, At night, he sleeps for 10-11 hours, with short breaks, sleeps a good deep sleep. It is better to adjust to the biorhythms of the baby and put him to sleep for well-being and his desire.

The temperature in the room during sleep should be 21 degrees – do not raise it, it is better to ventilate the room, in the warm season the window can be left open. Do not neglect walking in the fresh air. For the baby, the optimal temperature is from +30 to – 10 degrees C. In the summer, 2-2.5 hours are sufficient, and in winter 2 hours twice a day. Taking care of a child, he needs to pay maximum attention, talk with him, sing songs, talk about the world around him, plans for the day. Also useful are physical exercises, massage. The kid tries to crawl – do not hinder him and do not push him.

Lessons with a child in 5 months (how to develop)

The kid in five months acquires an interesting habit – he happily throws toys on the floor. Some mothers are annoyed, but this is a huge element of development. Do not scold the baby, but lean over with him and ask him to pick up objects. The crumb will be interesting – it will pour into a kind of game. He acts like an adult! The child notes for himself how quickly this object falls, ringing or muffled sounds. In addition, it develops motor skills, coordination of movements.

Perfectly develops the baby game “Come on, catch it!” – with a ball or toy – peep. Call toys by name, when the kid pulls the pen – try to move the subject further. To stimulate the baby’s vocabulary, show him large color pictures with animals or bright objects, tell about the components. Show your picture and tell me where the nose, mouth and so on. Enrich knowledge of the crumbs about the world around, describing the actions – riding a bicycle, laughing, waving his hand and so on. Some babies are already sitting, trying to stand, but doing it clumsily.

Games and toys for children in 5 months (how to entertain)

Choosing toys, you need to think about what the kid likes. Will it be interesting to the child, not you. Toys – the best way for development, besides, they are a great distraction if the kid is naughty.
In addition, you can play with him in these games:

“Grab and pull”
For a kid, the desired toy is any part of the body – your own and yours. When they pull you for something, loudly exclaim “Ouch!”. If the baby reaches for the bottle or grabs your hand – pull it. Try to take it from him, but then give it away – the kid will be happy. Consciousness of their own achievements lead them to delight.

At this age the best toy for children are the cubes. It is better if they are soft and without sharp corners, small, bright and contrasting. Eco-friendly wooden toys are fashionable today.

Pillows of different shapes
Starting from 5 months, games with foam cushions of various shapes – cylindrical or wedge-shaped, triangular – are recommended. Let them be soft and bright – with a contrasting pattern, striped.
Place the baby on his belly on such a cylindrical pillow and roll, plant it on top, and watch how it behaves. Put his chest on the curly pillow and let him touch the small toys in front of him.

Medical supervision at 5 months

At 5 months the child needs an examination of the pediatrician. In the beginning, weight and height are measured, and the physical and mental development process is evaluated. At boys at suspicion on kriptorhizm (non-admission of testicles) consultation of the urologist is required. Also, if a pathology of the hip joints is found, it is necessary to consult a pediatric orthopedist and traumatologist. Some babies can “scream” to themselves a hernia – with the slightest suspicion, a child surgeon’s consultation is required. If there are no contraindications, a routine vaccination is carried out. If your baby is externally healthy, but constantly being naughty – show it to a child neurologist. Also consult a pediatrician if the baby is bitten by mosquitoes and irritated, the doctor will prescribe an antiallergic drug, gel or ointment against itching.

Useful tips for parents

A whimsical child – what to do?

Each small in a different degree is capricious, and sometimes my mother “lacks any nerves.” This is quite understandable – because babies cry at any occasion, only crying at them happens different. This must be taken into account to calm the screamer. After all, the child does not know how to express his feelings in another way. It is absolutely necessary to soothe the child, and it is desirable, as soon as possible, despite some opinion that he should do it himself. To begin with, it is better to identify the cause – it can be hungry, freeze or vice versa, sweat from the heat. Sometimes he is capricious just like that – for no reason – maybe he’s just bored. In this case, the toys themselves will not help to distract him – it is better that one of the elders plays with him.

If the rash does not go away

If the baby gets irritated by disposable diapers, and drops, ointments, powder are not helping, he may be allergic. Ask the doctor to give you special medications, change the look of the diapers, wear them only for the night and for walks. Rinse the irritation with a solution of potassium permanganate, infusion of chamomile, string, oak bark. The cream with panthenol helps. Allergy is possible for some products or milk sweep – try to exclude from the diet that causes even the slightest doubt.

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