The delay in the monthly test is negative - what does it say? Find out for what reasons there is a delay of the monthly for 5 10 or 15 days if the test is negative and what to do.
It’s funny how women react differently when there is a delay in menstruation, and the test is negative for pregnancy. Some are terribly upset because they look forward to the happiness of motherhood, others are ready to jump with joy, that this difficult burden has passed them. But any deviations from the normal functioning of the female body require attentive attitude, so that it is possible to notice the onset of the development of any pathological changes in time. Therefore, it is necessary to understand why menstruation comes late and whether it is worth worrying about it.

When there is a delay in menstruation and a negative test

Suffice typical situations where the lady is worried for nothing, and through her own fault.

Often, the delay of the monthly and negative test is with trivial negligence and lack of desire to control the menstrual cycle. Therefore, a woman sometimes can not even answer the simplest questions about the date of the end of the previous regulations and the beginning of the next, the number of days in between. Naturally, such a frivolous lady will certainly once confuse the timing and will absolutely be in vain, being sure that the cycle failed due to pregnancy.

By itself, the delay does not mean that the fertilization of the egg has occurred. Typically, the violation of the timing in such cases are accompanied by other symptoms: in the morning the girl is sick with nausea, the severity of the mammary glands is felt. But there are situations that even these signs are false. This is due to the psychological mood. Sometimes a woman is so carried away by the dream of becoming pregnant that such fictitious changes in the body are observed. Therefore, one should not go to fanaticism with the idea of ​​having a child, so that later there will not be nervous breakdowns on the basis of unfounded hopes.

The reason for the delay is monthly, if the test is negative

The first assumption, if the critical days did not begin in time, is associated with pregnancy. But if a woman is sure that she did not have unprotected sexual acts for the last month and the cycle count is right, then it makes sense to think about other reasons.

1. The arising disturbance can be connected with reception of hormonal contraceptives. Such funds often provoke failures in the periodicity of menstruation. Especially if you take into account the thoughtless attitude of many women to this issue. After all, it is widely believed that the appointment of contraceptives does not necessarily refer to a doctor. What a dangerous delusion!

Actually, daily taking hormonal drugs to prevent pregnancy does not make sense, considering that only five days a month dangerous in this regard (three before the ovulation and one after the ovum release). And if this is the reason for the delay of the monthly (if the test is negative, including), then it is better to think about other ways of protection. Naturally, the woman chooses such measures, but it is better if she consults with her gynecologist.

2. Postponed for the last month of disease, too, can easily cause a cycle failure. This is due to fluctuations in the hormonal level during the disease. And the result is a small delay in menstruation, if the test is negative and pregnancy is excluded.

3. Hormonal imbalance, which causes disruptions in the onset of reguli, may be associated with polycystic ovary syndrome. This interferes with the stability of ovulation. Usually in such cases, the menstrual cycle exceeds the average, and the chances of having a child in women with similar problems are quite low. There is a hypothesis that excessive insulin in the body is to blame for this pathology.

4. If a woman has recently given birth, then the delay in the monthly and negative test may be related to the gradual recovery of the reproductive system and the regularity of menstruation. Especially, if a young mother, as recommended by the World Health Organization, is feeding the baby with its own milk. The reason is suppression of ovulation, the signal to which the body receives during sucking the baby of the mother’s breast. The stabilization of the disturbed hormonal level takes time, so the cycle of reguli normalizes gradually.

5. There is no perfection in the world, so the causes of delays may be problems with weight – either overweight or deficient. And in that, and in another case it would be good to consult with doctors who will help to make an optimum diet and a daily diet that will solve such problems.

Delay of menstruation for 5 days: negative test

If the expected menstrual flow to a particular number has not occurred, there are two variants of the development of events. Firstly, the postponement of reguli for a couple of days is considered an absolute phenomenon, so, it is likely that all the unrest does not cost and the eggs eaten. Secondly, if the test is negative for a 5-day delay, then you should consider other reasons besides pregnancy.

1. A strict diet leads to the depletion of the vital forces of the female body and the disruption of the cycle. This is due to the so-called critical menstrual mass. That is, in teenage girls, the first months come when they reach a certain weight. Accordingly, trying to find the ideal figure advertised in all advertisements, a woman can lose so many kilograms that the body decides that the required mass is not reached and the menarche is postponed for a period of five days to two months.

2. Constant stress, experienced strong emotional excitement provoke a malfunction in the normal functioning of such important female organs as the uterus and the ovaries. Frequent frustration, deep depression, problems in the service and at home – a malicious enemy for the health of any person. As a result of such negative situations, the delay of the monthly for 5 days, if the test is negative, becomes a part of the phenomenon.

3. Excessive physical exertion is another factor-provocateur. Most women after the start of active sports, for example, note the initial malfunction in the menstrual cycle. Only after the adaptation is completed, the frequency of ovulation is restored.

If the test is negative for a 10-day period,

The agonizing expectation of a “miracle” can drag on for a whole decade. Perhaps, it makes sense to turn to your trusted gynecologist, in order to pass the time before the start of lost reguli with benefit. It is he who can clarify the situation and identify the causes of malfunction in the functioning of the reproductive system.

1. It is likely that moving to another place of residence is to blame. It is temporary, whether the woman has constantly changed the climate, but her body is at first confused, so he has to re-get used to the new external conditions. In this case, you just need to give him time to adapt.

2. Much more fears, if the test is negative for 10 days, cause the endocrine system, infectious diseases, gynecological pathologies. Violations of the cycle can be and with various inflammatory processes in the organs of the small pelvis. It is clear that in such a situation it is extremely necessary to urgently address to a gynecologist and undergo a survey in order to promptly establish the causes and start treatment.

3. Forced interruption of pregnancy is fraught with a violation of the hormonal balance. Also, during an abortion, a gynecologist can overdo and scrape off excess amount of uterus tissue in the place where the fetus developed. Naturally, it grows, as it usually does during the menstrual cycle, only with violent interference into the natural process for the restoration of the damaged functional layer takes more time.

If the test is negative for a 15-day period,

Each woman once begins to fade the function of the ovaries. The most typical age for this process is forty years. In this case, the ovulation period is postponed, it occurs all later and later than usual and one day it may simply not occur at all. Naturally, this reason provokes a monthly delay of 15 days and a negative test only confirms that such suspicions are justified. But all the same it is necessary to consult with the gynecologist to facilitate course of this transition period.

Such a prolonged failure may be caused by taking hormonal contraceptives in combination with other medications. Moreover, some ladies risk taking special funds in order to artificially delay the menstruation. Therefore, when the use of such tablets ceases, the recovery of the cycle of ovulation will take a long time – up to two weeks, and in some cases up to two to three months.

If at a delay of monthly pulls the stomach, and the test is negative

Most often, the failure of the menstrual cycle does not cause painful sensations. Nevertheless, there are exceptions.

1. The case when the delay of the monthly pulls the stomach, and the test is negative, may indicate an extremely dangerous pathology – an ectopic pregnancy. Having bought a test strip in the pharmacy and received confirmation that she does not become a mother this time, the woman no longer pays attention to such troubling symptoms as pulling pains in the lower abdomen, mild nausea, dizziness, general malaise and weakness. This is natural, being confident in the absence of serious problems, she takes these symptoms for a banal premenstrual syndrome. But the usual procedure performed at home in the bathroom to establish an ectopic pregnancy is not enough. It is diagnosed by specialists in a medical institution.

It represents a situation where the embryo, for one reason or another, without getting inside the uterus, is attached to a different surface – the ovaries, the peritoneum. And in just three or four days, the first alarming symptoms described above begin to be felt. This pathology is very dangerous for a woman, so it is very important to diagnose it as quickly as possible.

2. If the stomach pulls when the delay is delayed, and the test is negative, then it is likely that a gynecological disease, most often of an inflammatory nature, develops. This happens either because of the woman’s hypothermia, or when infected. The first swallow of future problems is a seemingly innocuous delay of menstruation for about three to four days.

The disease is easily recognized by the attendant symptoms:

– pulls the stomach, and these pulling pains periodically sharpen up to the cutting;

– violation of the cycle for more than three days;

– there is burning and itching in the labia, the crotch begins to itch;

– appear spotting bloody discharge with an unpleasant and sharp odor, having a brownish color;

– during sexual intercourse, even in the usual poses, a certain discomfort is felt;

– there are unpleasant sensations in the ordinary urination.

Whether it is an inflammation of the pelvic organs of pelvic organs or a gynecological disease, a rather lengthy treatment will be required.

When the stomach pulls when the delay is delayed, and the test is negative, then the treatment to the doctor most often reveals the following pathologies corresponding to the above symptoms:

– colpitis or vaginitis is in fact an inflammation of the vaginal walls, with the disease there are cutting pains of a pulsating nature, there are discharges, burning sensation with itching is felt, the lower back aches and literally the entire abdomen bottom;

– endometritis, which inflames the mucous surface of the most important organ of the female reproductive system (uterus), accompanied by secretions, pains in the lower abdomen;

– adnexitis is an inflammation of the ovaries with uterine tubes, seemingly a mild pathology actually quickly passes to a chronic stage and provokes infertility.

Any of the listed diseases can be cured only with great difficulty.

If the stomach pulls when the delay is delayed, and the test is negative, then there are symptoms of inflammatory processes:

– drawing pains;

– delay of menstruation up to five days or its complete absence;

– pain is felt in the lower back;

– there is an increase in body temperature;

– there is a noticeable enough strong itch of the labia, accompanied by burning.

What to do if the test is negative after a month’s delay

Regardless of whether the test is positive or negative, if the delay is more than two to five days, you should go to the gynecologist.

This means that a woman will be examined by a specialist, get a professional consultation, find out her diagnosis. As a result, she will be given a full-fledged, competent course of treatment that will eliminate the causes that cause irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

If there is a deficit of endogenous progesterone, the gynecologist usually appoints dufastone and similar preparations. It is recommended and with a pronounced premenstrual syndrome, with endometriosis. In no case should you take drugs that have not been prescribed by a specialist. This applies, first of all, gullible ladies who prefer instead of visiting a doctor to consult friends or on women’s forums on the Internet. No less dangerous and the use of recipes for traditional medicine with a delay in menstruation, because most herbs have their contraindications. Only qualified medical care can save problems without serious consequences.

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