What is the dream about?

What does the icon look like – according to Miller’s dream book

If in the dream you kneel before the icon of the Mother of God, then in reality you do not have enough strength and patience to cope with the problems that have fallen down, but pride does not allow you to ask for help from relatives. Humble pride, because native people always come to the rescue. For the young girl the icon prophesies a happy marriage. To see how the face of a saint comes to life on the icon – a dream speaks of believing in supernatural forces that, in your opinion, guard peace, bring happiness to the family.

What does the icon look like – according to Vanga’s dream book

To see many icons in the house is a sign of the impending religious conflict in the country, as a result of which many people will suffer, churches and churches will be destroyed. If you remove the icon from the wall, then you lost faith. On the other hand, such a dream can mean a crisis of all mankind. The population of the Earth will cease to live according to God’s laws, go along the road leading to the abyss, get lost and, in the end, people will punish themselves.

If you are standing in the church and praying, then the only salvation in bad times will be faith, and the Almighty will not leave you in a difficult time, because for Him we are children, even if we are prodigal. What kind of father will not forgive his child, if he comes to the parent and repents of his deeds!

What the dream is about – according to the dream book of Freud

The icon symbolizes an intimate connection with the opposite sex. If you think your relationship is wrong, contrary to moral principles, then this image comes in dreams, disguised as a mask of conscience.

What is the dream about – in the dream book of Nostradamus

Icons are a symbol of spirituality and repentance. Praying before the icon means giving too much attention to material goods, forgetting about the soul. To see a myrrh-streaming icon is a bad omen, predicting the death of many people as a result of a global catastrophe. Keep it in hand – to good news, put candles in front of the face of the Mother of God – to remorse and repentance. If the icon falls on the floor – it’s a bad sign, promising about a future fatal error.

What does the icon look like – according to the dream book of Lofa

The icon in dreams serves as a conductor between the material world and the non-material. Most likely, a person who periodically sees things of a religious orientation, has a special gift of foresight or is obsessed with religious fanaticism. Sometimes such dreams can indicate a rending sense of guilt. Man, by virtue of the unique device of the psyche, tries to somehow justify himself and be cleansed, even through dreams.

What does the icon look like – according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

This image symbolizes well-being, inner balance, pure conscience and protection from temptations.

What does the icon dream about – an esoteric dream book

The radiant face on the icon means luck – the Higher Powers bless and guide you. If you see an evil face that leads to cold and horror, then you will soon be drawn into a bad business, which is doomed to failure and a very lamentable result. Faceless icon symbolizes throwing – you do not know what to approach, trying to do everything at once. However, such an approach will not lead to success. Remember the saying – for two rabbits …?

What does the icon look like – according to Danilova’s dream book

Praying or just admiring the icon – sleep warns about the upcoming choice. You will be torn between the desire to break the vicious circle and fear to change anything in your life.

What does the icon look like – according to the dream book of the healer Akulina

The image of the icon in the dream portends a happy balance of affairs. You can easily establish relationships with the right people, and the event will soon be crowned with success. Reading the prayer before the icon is a good sign, saying that business partners will offer you interesting promising ideas, productive prospects.

To buy an icon in a dream is a sign that the best friends can not support you in material terms, so you will only have to rely on your own resources. Keep it in hand – to achieve the goal, drop – to vain expectations.

What does the icon look like – according to the dream book of L. Moroz

– to pray before her – to well-being;
– to buy – to the appearance of a patron;
– to lose – to a serious illness;
– to find – to luck;
– sell the icon – the foreplay of a serious quarrel;
– donate – lose faith.

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