The benefits of compotes and their harm to the body. Refreshing apple, tart cherry and sweet compote of dried fruits - a solid good!

“A compote?” Is surprised by the parasite and alcoholic Fedya in the whole well-known film Operation “Y”.

And after receiving a glass of refreshing drink, pours half and, adding vodka, turns it into an alcoholic cocktail.

But it was not in vain in those days, compote was an obligatory dessert.

It was not only a very tasty and refreshing drink.

Uzvary and compotes are extremely healthy.

Compote: composition and methods of preparation

For the preparation of compotes used dried fruit and berries, frozen and, of course, fresh. First, put a pan of water on the fire, bring to a boil and add sugar, the amount of which depends on the sweetness of berries and fruits, from which the drink is prepared. After the sugar has dissolved, you can add spicy spices and even wine to the sugar syrup, and then put the fruit. Sugar is useful to replace honey. To save as many vitamins as possible, it is not recommended to boil the compote for a long time, and it is better to remove some ingredients immediately from the fire. It’s enough just a few minutes to hold in boiling syrup:

• Apples;

• Pears;

• Plums;

• Apricots;

• Peaches;

• Quince;

• Cherry;

• Cherries.

Then the pan is removed from the fire and allowed to drink. In the same way, prepare a useful compote of dried fruits, which are thoroughly washed thoroughly. Dried fruits can also be placed in a thermos and poured with strong boiling water. True, in this case they should brew at least 8 hours.

To preserve the vitamin, rich taste and color, immediately turn off the fire, after adding to the boiling syrup:

• Citrus fruits;

• Melons;

• Watermelon;

• Strawberry;

• Raspberries;

• Strawberries;

• Grapes;

• Gooseberry;

• Cranberry;

• Kalina;

• The currant.

For a beautiful design of the drink, soft varieties of berries and fruits can be decomposed into prepared containers and poured with boiling syrup. This method of making compote is also suitable for frozen foods.

Drink the compote previously strained and chilled.

Compote: what is good for the body?

A useful compote is an excellent substitute for all store juices and beverages. In the latter there are no vitamins, which are usually so loudly declared by advertising, and the content of sugar in them is so high that their daily use threatens to start the development of diabetes. The health benefits of compotes cooked at home are incomparable. They not only deliciously quench their thirst, they enrich the body with the most important vitamins and microelements:

• Peach and apricot compotes are beneficial for the work of the heart, nervous system and maintains visual acuity;

• Compotes from cranberries, guelder-rose and currant will strengthen immunity;

• Apple-pear drink will purify the body of toxins;

• Compote, with the addition of raspberries – an excellent restorative and slightly febrifuge with seasonal colds;

• The plum compote will have a mild laxative effect.

What can we say about compotes from dried fruits, which in the cold season can fill the body’s need for vitamins, iodine and iron.

Compote: what is the harm to health?

Sweet compotes, first of all, are harmful to those who have diabetes mellitus. And even if sugar is not added to the drink, fruits and berries contain sucrose in a large degree. Therefore, when diabetes is better to give up compotes, so as not to cause undesirable harm to your body.

With increased acidity in the stomach, compotes can play the role of an additional stimulus. This will cause heartburn and malfunction in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. After berries and many fruits even after heat treatment preserve vitamin C.

Urolithiasis, kidney problems and propensity to swelling also indicate the need to carefully choose a diet. Compotes in this case should be drunk with extreme caution and in small amounts.

Features of compote of dried fruits: benefit and harm

Caloric content of 100 gr of compote of dried fruits is equated 60 kcal. And it’s about a drink without adding sugar. Compote of dried fruits contains natural sugars and thus does not contain fats and proteins. B vitamins, as well as sodium, potassium and iron are part of this useful beverage. Dried fruits for the preparation of healthy compotes should be stored in tightly closed containers, placing them away from sources of moisture, light and excessive heat. Before preparing the drink, dried fruits are well washed or even soaked for several hours (which is not necessary).

The benefits of such compotes are based on their composition:

• Dried apricots – optimizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract;

• Prunes – effectively cleans the body of toxic substances and increases the level of hemoglobin;

• Apples – cleaned;

• Pear – helps normalize intracranial pressure;

• Raisins – normalizes the work of the intestines, fights diarrhea, strengthens blood vessels.

Compote of dried fruits is incredibly useful for poisoning and treatment of colds.

However, compote can harm the body if a person suffers from problems associated with the work of the stomach and intestines. With increased acidity and available ulcers, an assortment of dried fruits can serve as a cause for exacerbation of painful symptoms and indigestion. In addition, with increased blood sugar levels, drinking such a drink is contraindicated, as it is itself oversaturated with sugars. This, by the way, is a contraindication for those who try to get rid of excess weight or are prone to obesity.

Features of compote of apples: benefit and harm

Caloric content of apple compote 85 kcal per 100 gr. The drink contains vitamins B, A, C, magnesium, iron and folic acid. Useful properties of compote from apples will help in the treatment of arthritis, inflamed joints, diseases of the intestines, kidneys, liver, bladder. Apple compote is useful for health in the period of fighting excess weight. He quickly regains strength after exhausting physical exertion. Increases the level of hemoglobin. Symptoms of reduced acidity of the stomach can be eliminated by drinking compote from apples.

Harmful apple compote in periods of exacerbations, pancreatitis, gastritis and ulcers.

Features of compote from cherry: benefit and harm

100 gr of cherry compote account for 99 kcal. This drink is rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, PP, iron, magnesium, beta-carotene.

Due to the high content of magnesium and iron, cherry compote is recognized as the healthiest drink that can significantly increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Compote of cherries is useful to drink in the summer. He perfectly quenches his thirst. And among other things, such a refreshing useful cherry drink awakens the appetite. Therefore, compote of cherries is so useful for a growing child’s body.

With increased acidity of the stomach and existing problems with the gastrointestinal tract, consumption of compote should be minimized, in order to avoid harm from it. And with pronounced exacerbations after a glass of cherry compote, it is better and completely abandon this drink.

Compote for children: useful or harmful?

Children are very fond of delicious juices and various fizzy drinks. But it is much more useful for a child’s body to drink natural home compote. By its taste, it is not inferior to the store drinks, but its usefulness is invaluable.

Home-made compotes can be cooked quickly and easily. Their benefits to the body can be regulated by the berries and fruits used for cooking. To that, the sugar content is also fully controlled in the process of preparing a drinking dessert. Compotes will help support the children’s body during the cold season and colds. In the process of treatment berry compotes give their vitamins and help restore soon. And finally, it’s just very tasty and perfectly quenches thirst.

Compotes actively arouse appetite. Therefore, parents, whose children are always difficult to feed, can resort to this small useful secret.

However, under special circumstances, compotes can harm a child’s body:

• Increased acidity of the stomach;

• Pancreatitis;

• Gastritis;

• Diseases of the genitourinary tract and kidneys.

Strawberries in compote can provoke an allergy in the baby. In this case, it does not really matter whether you used it fresh or as part of an assortment of dried fruits.

Compotes: tasty and healthy

Useful compotes are prepared from all berries and fruits that are used for food. Adding sugar to the drink is not an integral part of the preparation of the drink. The French were the first who tried this delicious and healthy dessert. Although initially it was more like fruit puree, which, incidentally, is still being cooked in many restaurants in France.

In the usual perception of compote – it is light, delicious, refreshing with its coolness drink. But it can also be drunk warm. It can be consumed together with the flesh. Berries, taken for the preparation of compote, can be poured with boiling syrup from fruit, resulting in a very delicious fruit and berry compote.

Healthy compote can be cooked all year round. Not only dried fruit, but frozen berries, and fruits can always be prepared in advance. In addition, you can stock up compote, preserving it in sterilized jars. In this form, compote can be stored for several years, without losing its useful properties. Then, even in the most severe frost, you can easily enjoy a natural vitamin drink. Or supplement any refrigerated drink with any festive table.

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