A vital for the body lecithin: how it is used. Benefit and harm of soy lecithin for the health of children and adults

Lecithin plays an important role in the development of the human body.

Its optimal content in the body ensures uninterrupted performance of protective functions and the ability to regenerate.

Lacking lecithin, the body begins to age rapidly, is more susceptible to diseases and is less treatable.

Lecithin: composition and methods of application

Useful properties of lecithin for the body are due to the fact that due to it the cells receive a sufficient amount of nutrients that participate in the cellular processes of absolutely all internal organs.

Lecithin, which is an active food additive, can be purchased at the pharmacy in the form of tablets, capsules or fragrant gel, which is intended for children. The composition of such a drug includes:

• Vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, D;

• Folic acid;

• Omega-3 and omega-6;

• Phosphatidylcholine;

• Phosphatidylethanolamine;

• Phosphatidylserine;

• Phosphoric acid;

• Inositol;

• Choline;

• Higher fatty acids;

• Carbohydrates.

It is fair to say that this is not the full composition of the drug. Soy lecithin, namely under this name, the drug is widely known, contains auxiliary fats and fatty acids, proteins and amino acids, sugars.

Without resorting to chemical preparations, lecithin, useful for health, can be obtained with the use of such products as:

• Eggs (yolk);

• Fish eggs;

• Meat by-products;

• Peas;

• Lentils;

• Soya beans;

• Nuts and seeds;

• Cabbage of various varieties;

• Vegetable oil.

The human liver is half composed of lecithin. With its normal functioning, it is itself a good producer of it. But over the years, given poor environmental conditions, alcohol consumption, harmful food and medicine, the liver loses such ability. In addition, problems with digestion and slagging of the intestine minimize the absorption of lecithin from food. Then comes the need for the use of pharmacy soy lecithin.

Lecithin: what is good for the body?

A sufficient level of lecithin is extremely important for an organism of any age. After all, thanks to him, absolutely all organs and systems remain in a healthy state for as long as possible. In addition, the use of lecithin is noted during the treatment of ailments, in the prevention of a number of diseases and even when getting rid of bad habits:

• Restoration of the liver – phospholipids restore liver cells, remove excess fat and protect it, returning it the ability to fulfill its natural purpose of purifying blood from harmful toxins;

• Prevention of cholelithiasis – lecithin prevents bile thickening, which reduces the risk of accumulation of solid fat deposits in the gallbladder and bile ducts. If the cholelithiasis is already present, lecithin, along with the main treatment, will accelerate the cleavage of the stones;

• Prevention of atherosclerosis – deficiency of lecithin is a good reason for the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood. Transforming into fairly large for the arteries and vessels of the particle, cholesterol sticks to their walls, causing obstruction and rupture, as a consequence. By increasing the level of useful lecithin in the body, a person reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. Lecithin rapidly breaks down harmful cholesterol and removes it;

• Reducing the risk of heart attack – an indispensable amino acid for muscle tissue L-carnitine is produced in the body with the participation of lecithin phospholipids. It empowers the muscles with flexibility, strength and energy. This provides protection of the heart muscle from premature fainting;

• Prevention of diabetes mellitus and alleviating the course of an existing disease – the pancreas produces natural insulin, which excludes the risk of increasing the sugar in the blood of a healthy person even with excessive consumption of carbohydrates. If diabetes is already present, then lecithin optimizes the production of insulin pancreatic. This helps reduce the need for taking medications that lower blood sugar levels;

• Protection of the nervous system – with the help of lecithin useful for health, myelin is produced, which forms the envelope of nerve fibers. Under the myelin protection, nerves regularly start pulses. With age, the intake of lecithin should increase in order to maintain optimal functioning of the nervous system;

• Ensuring good lung function – under the influence of lecithin, surfactants are synthesized, on the basis of which a protective film of pulmonary alveoli is formed. It protects the lungs from toxins, prevents premature aging and reduces the risk of cancer formation;

• Increase in the duration of the sexual system – choline and inositol, which are part of lecithin, actively dissolve cholesterol, which is the main component for the development of female and male sex hormones. This extends the person’s reproductive age and protects him from oncology of the genital organs.

To monitor the level of lecithin entering the body is useful for the health of those who wish to get rid of tobacco dependence. The whole secret is that nicotine irritates the same receptors as acetylcholine, which is found in lecithin. In conditions of additional intake of soy lecithin, you can deceive the body at a physiological level and defeat the bad habit.

Lecithin: what is the harm to health?

Speaking about the harm of lecithin, it should be remembered that the raw material for its manufacture is soy. And now it should be noted that it happens, both as a quality natural product, and as genetically modified. Lecithin from poor quality raw materials can cause in the human body undesirable changes, from allergy to dementia in old age.

Pregnant women should avoid the use of lecithin from genetically modified soy. It is able to disrupt the development of the fetal nervous system and the formation of its brain.

The list of food additives of international level includes soya lecithin under the code E322. He is allowed to produce many food products. When purchasing a ready-made breakfast in a box or a packed cupcake for tea, you should familiarize yourself with the composition and avoid buying goods with substandard ingredients.

Harmful quality soy lecithin has not been proven. In addition, it should be remembered that the liver consists of it half, and the brain by 30%. All organs and systems need a useful lecithin.

Lecithin for children: useful or harmful?

Already the future mother should take care of a sufficient percentage of consumed lecithin, useful for her health and for the development of the future baby. Already in the womb, it is important for the child to receive all the components that make up lecithin, which will ensure the correct and timely development of all the systems of his body and the formation of organs.

In the first year of life, the baby develops motor-motor functions, reaction speed and immunity. During this period of his life, he receives lecithin with mother’s milk and mixtures.

Further, at the age of up to three years, soy lecithin, and also what comes with food, plays an important role in the emotional stability of the child, in the development of speech and the ability to respond adequately to surrounding stimuli.

The older the child becomes, the more loads he feels. He has to absorb huge amounts of information every day, correctly perceive it and designate the most important thing for himself, which he immediately applies in practice.

Based on phosphatidylcholine, found in lecithin, and vitamin B5, the amino acid acetylcholine appears in the body. This is the most important neurotransmitter that makes a person focus on specific tasks and find non-standard solutions.

The lack of lecithin may be called into question if the child:

• Inattentive;

• He is absentminded and forgetful;

• Irritable;

• Poor sleep;

• Often complains of headaches;

• Has a poor appetite.

In this case, it will not be superfluous to visit the pediatrician with the purpose of prescribing them to take a lecithin useful for the growing organism with the correct dosage.

The benefits of lecithin in cosmetology

Being a strong remedy that awakens in their cells the ability to regenerate, lecithin prevents the appearance of wrinkles, smooths already existing small wrinkles, removes irritation. In combination with vitamins A and E, the use of lecithin for cosmetic purposes is especially useful.

The regenerating mask with lecithin is usually used for fading skin. It is not necessary to buy it in specialized stores. This lecithin mask is easy to make at home. This will require:

• Egg yolk – 2 pieces;

• Glycerin – 6 ml;

• Castor oil – 25 ml;

• Carbolic acid – 10 ml;

• Ammonium alcohol – 5 ml;

• Lemon along with zedra – 1 pc;

• Pantocrinum – 1 tsp;

• Folliculin 5000 Ued – 1 ampoule.

All ingredients should be gently mixed. In this case, the last four should be introduced into the mixture in the given order at the very end. Keep this mask on your face from 30 to 60 minutes. Then it is removed by a wet warm sponge on the massage lines. The general course of such daily procedures is up to 25 days. In this case, after two weeks the result will be obvious. All kinds of pigment spots will whiten, the skin will get a fresh healthy appearance. Tissue cells will restore their natural ability to retain moisture. Excessive fat content of the skin will also cease to be a problem. The mask will adjust the work of the sebaceous glands. Thanks to this the skin will be matte and clean. When preparing a regenerating face mask with useful lecithin, you can be completely confident in the quality of all the ingredients.

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