May 7: what are the holidays today. Events, name days and birthdays on May 7.

Holidays May 7

Radio day

At the date we are considering, workers in all communications sectors in Russia celebrate a professional celebration – Radio Day. The information boom that has overtaken us is, first of all, the result of persistent and painstaking works of many scientists-inventors who, at the cost of their own health, worked for the benefit of the future of mankind, for the sake of children, grandchildren, and us. Is it possible to imagine the present world without all this? Hardly! Therefore, Radio Day implies a broader focus, that is, this day can be safely called the holiday of all workers not only broadcasting, but also television, mobile communications, signalers, postal workers, radio amateurs and all those who are related to communication industries.

The event is timed to a special day, when the outstanding Russian physicist-inventor A. Popov in 1895 demonstrated at the meeting of the physical and chemical community his wireless radio system designed for information exchange of parties that are far from each other. It seems that very recently an outstanding inventor tried to “subdue” electromagnetic oscillations, transforming them into human speech. When this happened, people considered this phenomenon to be a miracle, and today the common communication system is perceived by us as an integral element of everyday life, as a matter of course.

Day of the creation of the armed forces in Russia

In 1992, the Russian President issued a decree to organize the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The modern structure of the Armed Forces of Russia includes three main types: air force, ground forces, navy; as well as three types of troops: Missile, Space, Airborne; other Russian troops that are not part of the Armed Forces, but play a huge role in ensuring national security. The cohesive system of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation makes it possible to increase the combat effectiveness of the country and to ensure its overall stability and security. On May 7, servicemen of the troops listed mark a professional holiday, called in the Russian calendar the Day of the creation of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

May 7 in the national calendar

Yevseev’s Day

On May 7, the people honor the memory of the most holy Evsei (Eusebius) of Nikodmydia, who lived in the fourth century and martyred for the faith in Christ at the hands of Emperor Diocletian – the most violent, perhaps, in the history of the persecutor and fighter of Christians.

Peasants in Russia claimed that on Yevseyev’s day everyone was “stung” by extreme fatigue and began to literally “bend to the ground.” In order to drive out the attack, the peasants went to church, communed, prayed and washed with holy water. It was also good to lie on the lively and blooming green to charge the mother earth with energy. By this day, the sowing of oats was already finished. By the way, it was necessary to sow it in a certain place and in a strictly designated time, regardless of the state of the soil and the established weather. However, there were some exceptions to the rule. For example, oats were also allowed to sow during birch blossoming, the appearance of winged ants or the fall of willow down.

According to the presence of mosquitoes, the people were judged on the future harvest: if there were no insects on Evseev on the day, then the harvest in autumn will be especially notable, and vice versa. It was also thought that after May 7, several frosty days alternating one after the other are installed on the street.

Historical events May 7

May 7, 1755 – The Moscow State University (MSU) named after Lomonosov solemnly opened its doors

MSU is rightfully considered to be one of the oldest surviving universities in the Russian Federation. It was designed by the talented mind of the first Russian academician M. Lomonosov. After the project of the school was presented to the ruling Elizabeth at the time, she immediately signed the order to found the university. Its grand opening for educational purposes took place on May 7, 1755, the day of the anniversary of the coronation of Her Majesty. In accordance with the idea of ​​Lomonosov, three faculties were formed in the building: legal, medical and philosophical. Each school day began with a study of philosophy, which helped students to get a base for further study of the natural and human sciences. At the end of the 18th century the school moved to Mokhovaya.

May 7, 1985 – Adoption by the Council of Ministers of the USSR of a resolution “On measures to overcome alcoholism, alcoholism, rooting out self-brewing”

The contents of this document were printed by all the newspapers of the Soviet Union. All-Union slogan of a large-scale anti-alcohol company, which all citizens of the USSR were obliged to follow, became the words “Sobriety is the norm of life”. The action was supported by a sharp jump in prices for alcoholic beverages, as well as its significant cuts in sales. Vodka was sold by special coupons. The resolution of the Council of Ministers caused widespread dissatisfaction among the people. Radical measures have led to very menacing consequences – many began to buy spirits illegally, despite the mechanism for obtaining them and quality. This, of course, led to massive poisoning.

All distilleries were forced to convert to a non-alcoholic beverage company. This resulted in massive financial consequences, the level of speculation and theft has jumped. Due to losses in the production of alcoholic beverages, the Soviet Union lost more than twenty billion rubles. Then came the new time – the abolition of the state monopoly on the sale of alcohol. Gradually, the anti-alcohol “war” has completely come to naught.

May 7 were born

Francis Beaufort (1774-1857) is a renowned English sailor who distinguished himself in history thanks to the development of a 12-point scale of wind power. After a serious injury in 1812, he left the naval service and settled himself as a hydrographer at the Admiralty. In 1838, his scale was universally accepted, and, after several years, Bofor was awarded the title of Rear Admiral. The name of the inventor was the sea in the Arctic Ocean.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky (1840 – 1893 gg.) – Russian composer, musician public figure, teacher and conductor, author of six famous symphonies. The premiere of the last symphony, where he conducted, took place just a few days before the death of the composer.

Nikolay Zabolotsky (1903 – 1958) – a talented poet and translator. He owns translations of many poems (Shota Rustaveli “The Knight in the Panther’s Skin”), as well as various works of Georgian and German classics, the famous poem “The Lay of Igor’s Host” and much more.

Igor Bezrodny (1930 – 1997 gg.) – Soviet violinist, music teacher, conductor. People’s Artist of the RSFSR. Since 1948 he was a soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic. A year later, having performed at the competition in Prague, he won the first prize. His children also preferred to associate their lives with music – the boy became a pianist, and the girl – a talented violinist.

Birthday of May 7

May 7 celebrate: Lyudmila, Vladimir, Elizabeth, Valentine, Alexei, Evsei, Ivan, Savva, Thomas, Stanislav, Joseph, Innocent, Sergei, Nikolai, Susanna, Leonty.

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