March 17: what are the holidays today. Events, birthdays and birthdays March 17.

Holidays March 17

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

St. Patrick – the patron saint of Ireland – according to legend, breathed into the people living on the island faith in God, preaching Christianity and driving out all the snakes from the earth. Every year, solemn parades with dances, songs and festivities are held in honor of the Saint in the country. As the Irish say, on Patrick’s Day the beer flows like a river. The symbol of the holiday is a clover, which people enter the buttonhole on March 17, after all, with the help of a three-leafed clover, Patrick explained to them about the concept of the Holy Trinity: “How three leaves grow from one stem, so our Lord is one in three persons.”

St. Patrick’s Day also has pagan shades. And they are connected with mythical creatures-shoemakers – leprechauns, who own gold and protect it. But if a person manages to catch this creature, then the leprechaun must tell him about the whereabouts of the valuable pot. And indispensable attributes of the solemn evening parade are extravagant attires, various brass bands playing traditional bagpipes, and, of course, a cheerful festive mood.

Forgiveness Sunday (date for 2013)

Forgiveness Sunday is the day that ends the Shrovetide week with its merry festivities and lush pancakes. On a forgiven Sunday it is customary to ask each other forgiveness for all wrongs and sins. Many do not realize the significance of the holiday and do not understand its meaning. And the meaning lies in the fact that believing peasants could join the Lent starting on Monday, with a clean soul, reconciled with relatives, friends and other close people.

In Russia this tradition was carried out by everyone and with a pleasant obligation. Before sunset, the Orthodox went from house to house and with a bowed head asked forgiveness from neighbors, especially those who were inconvenienced. At the same time, they waited with pardons for “sins”. A forgiven ritual, as a rule, was accompanied by tender embraces and friendly kisses in the mouth. And the phrase “I’m sorry” was answered – “The Lord will forgive me, and forgive me …”. Well, how can you resist ?! Also on this day the peasants visited the cemetery, left pancakes on the graves of the deceased and prayed for the repose of their souls.

St. Gerasim’s Day

On March 17, the church recalls the Monk Gerasim of Jordan. He was born a saint in the city of Lycia, as a young man he left his usual life and devoted himself to God. In the Desert, Gerasim erected a temple in which he served as a monk. For the brethren the abbot became a real example of secular renunciation, self-sacrifice and strict abstinence. Later, the Monk founded the laurel. With Gerasim associated an old legend, saying that he was able to heal in the desert of a mortally wounded lion. In gratitude to the elder, the lion served him until his death. Therefore, the people of St. Gerasimus are considered the patron saint of animals.

March 17 in the national calendar


On the day of Gerasim of Jordan, as the peasants observed in the old days, rooks return to their homeland. Observant old people deduced one regularity: if rooks, when they return, are immediately taken for fixing housing, then spring is expected to be warm and welcoming; if the birds sit for a long time on the nests without “work” – the cold will not retreat for a long time. On Gerasim the good housewives baked cookies and pies in the form of rooks and treated the cooking of local children. In addition, people believed that these birds had the ability to expel from the yard an evil spirit. There were also signs on this day. For example, seeing playing rooks was a good omen, indicative of family well-being.

Historical events March 17

March 17, 1845 – Stephen Peri received a patent for an elastic bandage

Elastic bandage is a necessary element of every medical kit. The spectrum of its application is very universal. It is used both as a bandage, and as a prophylaxis for certain diseases of the limbs, and as a fixation for many medicinal as well as cosmetic products. March 17, 1845, the English physician Stephen Perry patented his invention, and people first heard about him. The first elastic bandage did not differ from modern ones. Today, these bandages are divided into two types – knitted and woven. The second is characterized by the greatest endurance and range of application. Knitted bandages very quickly wear out and lose their properties.

March 17, 1961 – Alexander II promulgated the manifesto on the abolition of serfdom

The serfdom existing before Russia in 1961 confirmed the complete dependence of the peasants on the landlords. Dependent people could not voluntarily leave their land plots. Those who tried to escape, returned violently and punished. The peasants were deprived of all rights to land and real estate. And 1961 was a turning point for them, thanks to the manifesto of Emperor Alexander II (later he was nicknamed the Liberator). The main reason that prompted the ruler to take this step was a protracted crisis in the serf system. The Crimean War added fuel to the fire, which increased the unrest among the peasantry. The manifesto was signed on March 3, and was unveiled on March 17. Despite the crucial statement, the day passed calmly for both the landowners and the peasants.

17 March 1950 – Radioactive element of California

A new radioactive element was excreted in the laboratory of the University of Berkley (California) by artificial means. He was given the atomic number ninety-eight, in the modern periodic system he is listed as the symbol Cf. “Fuel” for the acquisition of California was Plutonium, which for a long time was irradiated in an atomic reactor. In the modern world, literally several grams of radioactive California are recorded, existing in two polymorphic modifications. According to experts, one gram of this substance costs about six and a half million dollars. Perhaps, California is the most expensive element in the world. Its main application lies in the production of sensitive and extremely powerful neutron sources, mainly used in medicine.

March 17 were born

Kurt Russell (born 1951) is an American actor, producer and screenwriter. He was remembered as a hero of many “cool” fighters and fantastic films. Among them are the most famous: “Male Season”, “Best Times”, “Tango and Cash”, “Big Trouble in Little China”, “Star Gate”, “Aerobatics” and others.

Mikhail Vrubel (born in 1856) is a brilliant Russian artist. In his works he revealed the problems of human existence, inner spiritual life, as well as moral and philosophical aspects of good and evil; often turned to the romance of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Dmitry Astrakhan (born in 1957) is a Soviet, Russian theater and film director, an activist of Russian art. Honored Artist of Russia. In the arsenal of the director are several dozen films (“Everything will be fine”, “Waiting room”, “Crossroads”, etc.).

Rudolf Nuriev (born in 1938) is a British and Soviet ballet dancer, an outstanding choreographer, a talented dancer.

Namedays on March 17

Patrick, Joseph, Alexander, Akaki, George, Vasily, Vyacheslav, Gerasim, Daniil, Grigory, Joseph, Kodrat, Pavel, Julia, Juliana, Ulyana and Jacob.

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