Does not hear the ear: an excuse for panic or treatment? Is it dangerous, when you do not hear the ear, what causes deafness, how to find hearing

For a long time the truth is known that suffering dental and ear pain is the hardest. It seems to pervade the whole head through. However, the pain in the ears is far from the worst, but when the ear does not hear, this can be a sign of incurable pathologies. It happens that one does not hear the ear from the smallest children, and this stuffiness in the ear is difficult to diagnose. But even in adults, sudden deafness sometimes goes away on their own, and later returns with even greater force.

If you do not hear one or both ears, you urgently need to see a doctor to diagnose the problem and correct treatment. By letting the disease into its own right, patients often achieve complete deafness, which can only be corrected with the aid of a hearing aid. Such people will never feel full again.

How to act with zalozhennosti in the ears – when you can take independent effective measures, and in which cases to urgently go to the doctor – read on.

Suddenly does not hear the ear – the reason

Foreign body in the ear

In the ear, you can shove the most unpredictable items, starting with the earwax and ending, for example, with a cherry stone (the latter occupation is especially common in children). Going to the ear canal even a small thing to pull yourself can not do it. The foreign body causes inflammation, pain, and a little later – accumulation of pus inside the ear and outflowing it out in a few days. In this case, the ear canal is blocked only in that ear, which became a “refuge” for an unintended element, and the second one hears normally.

Can not hear the ear after a cold

After the ORZ suffered, different organs may suffer, and if the ear does not hear, then it was subjected to inflammation and otitis started. What is the essence of the problem?

External (external) ear, which is visible to the eye, resembles a tube, and “rests” in the tympanic membrane. On the other side of the membrane is the middle ear in the form of an air chamber connected by the Eustachian tube with a pharynx. The basic condition of normal hearing is the same pressure in all parts of the ear, for which the eustachian tube is responsible. If it has an obstacle to the movement of air, then the acuity of hearing decreases.

A protracted runny nose after a cold leads to permanently hyperemic mucous membranes, a conglomeration of mucus. Puffiness blocks the air-conducting capacity of the Eustachian tube, causes eustachyte (tubo-otitis), so it does not hear the ear. In addition, with constant blowing, the pressure in the tympanic cavity is greatly increased, it is blocked and the hearing disappears.

Unpleasant effect after a cold can give and ear plug.

Ear plug – easily curable deafness

ARD, ARVI, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis – any inflammation of the ENT organs can leave a liquid in the nasopharynx. Mixed with gray and dust, it hardens, a cork is formed, which itself will not resolve itself.

Corks are formed and because of the physiological features of the structure of the ear. Initially, narrow ear canals provoke sulfur stagnation, which becomes denser and often can not go out on its own.

Cork is usually formed in one ear, while two ears with plugs are a rarity. The main symptoms of cork – a slight decrease in hearing on one ear, pain and dizziness.

Has put ears from water

If water gets outside (when swimming or careless washing of ears), ears can also be pawned. If the water was clean and moisture is quickly and completely removed, it will not cause problems in the future.

Neuritis of the auditory nerve

It often appears without pain syndrome, in the form of hearing loss, noise in the ears, less often to these symptoms, depending on the cause of neuritis, acute pain in the ears, dizziness, nausea, weakness, increased blood pressure and body temperature can be added.

Hearing disorders, depending on the nature of nerve damage, may be unilateral or manifest in both ears.

Causes of damage to the auditory nerve:

• Any (bacterial or viral) infection can cause neuritis of the auditory nerve. The most common infections are influenza, SARS, rubella, “mumps” (epidemic parotitis), and meningitis;

• Toxic poisoning (ototoxicity) with drugs (antibiotics, anti-cancer, acetylsalicylic acid, quinine), chemical substances in the industry, alcohol and nicotine poisoning;

• craniocerebral trauma, causing swelling, impaired blood circulation and capillary and arterial hemorrhages;

• Features of professional activities in the form of increased noise, acoustic trauma and vibration (due to vibration disease);

• age-related changes – hypertension, changes in the hearing aid, circulatory disorders, stroke;

• allergic reactions;

• barotrauma.

Violation of the integrity of the tympanic membrane

This is a condition where the membrane separating the middle and outer ear is damaged due to trauma or transferred inflammation. An acute condition with a perforation of the tympanic membrane is accompanied by periodic bloody discharge and pain.

The degree of hearing loss in the perforation of the tympanic membrane depends on the size of the lesions and the presence of mucopurulent exudate. If treatment is started in a timely manner, then it is possible to completely restore the acuity of hearing. Otherwise, the hearing loss of the damaged ear remains forever.

Can not hear the ear with external or medium otitis media

Inflammation of the middle ear and tympanic membrane (otitis media) often occurs on the background of ARI, due to excess mucus. Average otitis often accompanied by fever, always – pain and reversible decrease in hearing of one or both ears.

External otitis is the bacterial inflammation of the ear canal, caused usually by the ingress of pathogenic microflora from the outside. Deep stuffing in the ear of foreign objects, non-observance of hygiene rules, bathing in dirty water – all this often leads to external otitis. The main manifestations of the disease are severe pain, high fever and partly can not hear the ear. Do not heat your ears or drip anything!

With timely treatment, hearing is fully restored.

If you put your ears on the plane

A common phenomenon when lays the ears during takeoff and landing of an airplane. For prevention, you need to open your mouth a little at these moments, and also make swallowing movements, as soon as your ears begin to lay, or yawn. Chewing gum and resorption of the lozenges also helps.

Does not hear the ear – diagnosis of diseases

Specialists in medicine are called to diagnose hearing disorders. Only by determining the cause and degree of deafness, the doctor will prescribe effective treatment. As soon as you feel a decrease in hearing acuity, consult an otolaryngologist (LOR).

Symptoms of stuffiness of the ears:

• You can hear “inside” not only your voice, but also the people nearby;

• constant noise or ringing in the ears;

• dull headache;

• The interlocutor whispering is less audible, or in the phone’s handset.

The doctor uses a visual examination, anamnesis, an audiogram to determine the degree of hearing loss, in some cases – seeding on bacterial flora, radiography and CT.

Does not hear the ear – treatment

This condition is treated based on the reasons that caused it. After an accurate diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the treatment.

Foreign body. When one does not hear one ear, and there are suspicions of a foreign object inside it, do not try to act on your own – remove it with tweezers, a hook, a magnet, and other absurd tools. It is necessary as soon as possible to go to the emergency room, because any careless action can damage the eardrum. The doctor will quickly get the foreign body from the ear with the help of special tools, and maybe just wash it with saline solution, and that will be enough.

The ear is mortgaged after a cold. Before going to an otolaryngologist, you can try the standard methods of treatment. Dissolve in a glass of warm water 1 teaspoon of salt and rinse with this solution during the day, each nasal passage. After that, sip the vasoconstrictor (“Farmazolin”, “Naphthyzin”, etc.), but no more than three times a day. If after these measures the rhinitis does not decrease and the ear still does not hear, there is an occasion to appear to the expert.

When the ear lays right after blowing, you can try “unlocking” folk ways. Close your nose with your fingers, draw air through your mouth and start exhaling through your nose, until you hear a deaf sound, and immediately do a few swallowing movements. A good effect is also given by chewing gum and simultaneous massage of the external ear, you can try to inflate the balls.

Do not try to dig out anything from the ear after a cold, do not warm up and drip anything without the appointment of a doctor.

Cork in the ear. Sometimes the cork goes out by itself, but such cases are rare. It is necessary to get rid of it, because it increases with time, the ear can not self-clean and microbes will multiply in the ear canal. After such inflammation treatment will be complicated.

At home, the ear plug is removed in several ways:

• lying on the problem ear up, bury 3% hydrogen peroxide heated to 38 ° C, lie in this position, turn over and wipe the leaked liquid with a cotton swab, repeat the procedure the next day;

• Inhale the ear with a specially designed pharmacy solution.

Important: Burying drops and washing the ear canal, the stream should be directed along its side wall.

Do not attempt to prick the ear plug with a pin, hairpin, toothpick or needle – this is fraught with complete deafness. If the above methods do not work, contact the otolaryngologist – he will remove the stopper quickly and the hearing will fully recover.

Neuritis of the auditory nerve. Treatment depends solely on the causes of the disease, is carried out in an inpatient setting, and can include:

• antibacterial and antiseptic therapy;

• painkillers, sedatives, diuretics, improving blood supply, drugs;

• vitamins (primarily B and C);

• copious drinking;

• use of antidotes, detoxification;

• symptomatic therapy;

• Physiotherapy;

• Spa treatment.

Usually the neuritis of the auditory nerve caused by age-related changes is difficult to treat, and the therapy chosen by the patient is applied continuously until the end of life.

Neuritis of the auditory nerve is diagnosed only in the room of the otolaryngologist by means of an audiogram, and the degree of the disease is revealed – from insignificant neurosensory hearing loss to total deafness.

When traumatic neuritis should be performed RO skull, EEG, it is mandatory to examine not only the ENT, but also an ophthalmologist and a neurologist.

Patients with chronic auditory neuritis undergo treatment courses (up to two times a year) and are on the D-account of the audiologist. If there is complete deafness, then an auditory hearing is recommended.

Perforation of the tympanic membrane It is treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. If the effect of treatment within a month is not, then the membrane is restored by surgical intervention.

With medium and outer otitis usually prescribed local treatment with drops of antibiotics in combination with drops or ointment with steroids, as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesics. If a rapid effect does not occur, antibacterial therapy is prescribed internally.

Alcohol, antibacterial, hormonal drops and ointments, and other procedures at home should be agreed with the doctor. Self-medication can aggravate the situation, which often leads, if not to the full, then to a partial loss of hearing.

Can not hear the ear – simple ways to prevent

In order not to know the problems with the ears, it’s enough of a banal daily care and a little attention:

1. From the outside, the auricle should be washed with soapy water and wiped dry.

2. Ear sticks should be used only for external cleansing of the ear canal, so that only cotton wool enters the ear, not half of the wand itself.

3. Timely treatment of infectious diseases.

4. Avoid constant and strong noise.

5. To go on examination to the otolaryngologist at least once a year.

Observing these simple rules, you will protect yourself from many diseases.

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