Is it possible to wash the cushions in the washing machine: a step-by-step instruction. Washing pillows with different fillers

Human health largely depends on the conditions of his rest.

An important role is played by bedding, which must always be immaculately clean, fresh and comfortable.

As a result of prolonged use, even a clean at first glance pillow accumulates a large amount of dust.

Today you will find out whether it is possible to wash the cushions in a washing machine.

Can I wash the pillows in the washing machine: bedding with natural filler

Pillows can be divided into four main categories:

• with natural filler;

• with artificial filler;

• with organic filler;

• Orthopedic.

For making pillows manufacturers use the following natural fillers:

• pen,

• down,

• wool,

• bamboo.

Natural materials are very pleasant to use. They will never cause allergic reactions. Meanwhile, the feather and fluff create favorable conditions for the life and reproduction of feather ticks, which are dangerous to human health. To prevent the appearance of insects, you need to clean the cushions from contamination in a timely manner. To return to life, bedding can be not only with the help of dry cleaning services, but also thanks to a washing machine at home. Let’s see if it’s possible to wash the pillows in the washing machine.

Step-by-step instruction for washing feather and down pillows

Washing of feather and down pillows is carried out as follows:

1. Before you wash the product with natural filler, it should be removed from the pillowcase and as it should be knocked out, as much as possible cleared of dust.

Small pillows are blurred in naperniki. Large – you should rasporot and divide the filler into several parts. They need to be folded into special bags for washing and sewing.

2. We load the product into the machine and pour the necessary amount of liquid detergent.

3. On the machine we select the program “Delicate washing”, which provides for the use of a low temperature regime, – up to 40 ° C.

4. Press the pillow after the wash is done at a drum rotation speed of 500-600 rpm.

Cushion drying

The washed pillows are best dried in the open air under the sun’s rays. The product should be properly spread and suspended in one corner. Turn it over by beating the filler every few hours. This will avoid unpleasant odor, rotting filler and even the formation of mold.

The pillow will dry completely after one or two days. The duration of drying depends on its size. At the final stage, the pen should be placed in a new or washed old napernik and sewed.

Preventing the appearance of feathers

To prevent contamination of cushions by pests and products of their vital activity, one should take advice from specialists:

1. During the washing of the pillows, use the Calgon water softener. Also, an oxygen bleach for chlorine-free laundry will provide reliable disinfection.

2. Anti-cell defense and a unique fragrance of freshness will ensure the washing of pillows with the addition of essential oils. For this purpose, oils of orange, lavender and cypress are best suited.

3. Wash the pillows at least twice a year.

4. Dry bedding under direct sunlight in the fresh air.

If you choose a non-gentle washing mode, naperniki can not withstand manipulation and break in weak places. Pooh or a feather, hitting the drum, will clog the drain filters of the automatic machine, which can lead to the breakdown of its engine.

Step by step instruction of machine washing of pillows with fillers made of wool and bamboo

1. If you plan to wash only the pillow filler, then rip off the napernik and put it in a gauze pouch. Be sure to sew it tightly.

2. To clean pillows made of natural wool and bamboo, select a delicate wash schedule at temperatures up to 40 ° C.

3. The ideal detergent for these materials will be a detergent for products made of wool or cashmere. Pour the required amount of gel into the tray.

4. Avoiding the formation of lumps in the filler will allow additional rinsing using several tennis balls. Rotating in the drum, they will evenly beat the pillow, cleaning and leveling it.

Can I wash the cushions in the washing machine: bedding with artificial filler

For the production of pillows with artificial fillers the following synthetic materials are used:

• Non-woven fabric,

• Fiberberon,

• Silicone,

• Sintepon,

• camphor,

• holofiber.

Products with synthetic fillers easily carry machine wash. They perfectly dry and do not lose their original shape.

Before washing the synthetic cushion, it is recommended to check for elasticity. A heavy object must be placed on the center of the product. Removing it, you will find a dent. It should quickly disappear. In this case, the pillow can be washed. If the trail does not disappear, then it is best to purchase a new product.

Step-by-step instruction for washing synthetic pillows

1. Before washing, soak the pillow in water with detergent for one hour.

2. Select the temperature mode at 40 ° C.

3. Do not be afraid to use the maximum spin speed.

4. To spread the unevenness formed after washing, beat the pillow well.

5. For drying washed goods, choose a horizontal position, a warm room with good ventilation. You can place a pillow on the balcony on top of the laundry ropes.

Can I wash cushions in a washing machine: orthopedic and organic products

It should be noted that not all pillows can be machine washed. We are talking about orthopedic products, bedding with the effect of memory, with fillings made of cotton wool, cotton or buckwheat husk. Manufacturers of these pillows warn of the impossibility of washing such products. At the end of the life of organic pillows they are replaced with new ones. Clean orthopedic pillows should be, using the services of dry cleaning.

Therefore, before the operation of this type of pillow, it is advisable to place it in an additional napernik, which can always be washed if necessary.

Now you know if you can wash the pillows in the washing machine. This time-consuming process is guaranteed to provide you and your family a healthy and sound sleep.

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