Evergreen shrubs in the country: planting and growing boxwood. How to properly care for boxwood (photo)

Boxwood is an evergreen plant that is used for planting the territory.

You can grow in the form of a tree or a bush, it looks good in tubs.

There are many varieties of this shrub that can be successfully grown at home.

Grades for open ground well tolerate haircut and molding. From them create various figures, which adorn the garden.

Cultivation of boxwood in the open field (photo)

Grow boxwood from container seedlings, which are purchased in specialized stores. When buying a plant, you need to pay attention to the condition of its leaves. In a healthy plant, they are dense, leathery, dark green in color. The bush is well branched, there are no proreches and bare areas. Do not buy plants with yellow and leafless leaves.

Evergreen shrubs in the country: planting and growing boxwood. How to properly care for boxwood (photo)

Useful recommendations

1. For the boxwood pick up the site in a cool, but well-lit place.

2. The plant does not tolerate drafts at all, so plant a box around the fence or buildings, in a sheltered corner of the garden.

3. Evergreen shrub prefers loose and nutritious soil. In the substrate for planting add sand and humus.

4. Boxwood grows rapidly, therefore it requires additional nutrition. In the summer, he is fed with each watering. If the plant is kept in the winter in winter, it should be fertilized once a month.

5. Shrub does not like the dryness of the air. To maintain optimum moisture around the plant, spraying will help. To do this, use warm water.

6. Transplant adult plants as they grow, applying the method of transshipment. At the same time, the root system must be carefully monitored so as not to injure it.

7. The desired shape is given to the plant by trimming. The remaining cuttings are used for rooting, which is carried out in a moist environment. For this, the cuttings are placed in a container with earth and covered with a packet, constantly monitoring the level of soil moisture.

8. With insufficient care, the plant is often affected by pests and diseases. The most dangerous of them: spider mites, mealy moth, scab and root rot.

How to plant a box by all the rules (photo)

As already mentioned, boxwood prefers light and nutritious soils, but with proper care it grows well on any soils. Place for planting seedlings taken in well-lit areas, but for the winter plant pritenyayut. Spring rays are dangerous for the crown and cause burns to the leaves.

Planting boxwood spend in the spring. With this approach, the plant is well rooted before the onset of cold weather. Adult specimens can be transplanted in the summer, subject to further care, spraying and watering. Autumn planting is carried out a month before the onset of frost. If the plant is planted later, it is most likely that it will not survive the winter.

Correct planting of boxwood

• In the open ground boxwood is grown in trenches, which do much deeper than the root system.

• At the bottom of the trench, a drainage layer of about 15 cm is laid. On top of it is a sheet humus, compost and garden soil.

• The seedling is lowered to a “pillow” of leaves and earth, spreading the roots.

• The distance between the plants is at least 40 cm.

• After planting, the plants are well watered.

How to care for boxwood: shaping the crown with a photo

Throughout the season the soil under the bushes is mulched with peat or sawdust of coniferous species, needles. The main care for the plant is to prepare it for a successful wintering. Winter for boxwood is a real test. Shrub does not tolerate drying winds, temperature changes, thaw and spring sun rays. Therefore, with the onset of autumn, the plant should be well prepared for the cold.

1. Before the onset of frost, the plant is watered and mulched well. Important! As a winter mulch, you can not use dry leaves, since they begin to prey and are a source of fungal diseases.

2. When the weather is set at -10 degrees, the boxwood is insulated. For this use boxes with holes for ventilation.

3. Dwarf plants and curb borders are covered with non-woven fabric.

4. Tall plant varieties are covered with burlap. Shoots must be tied to the support so that they do not break off under the snow.

5. In the early spring, the evergreen shrub should be freed from cover. It is not completely removed. First, open half the bush, and then remove the remainder.

6. Remove the cover material preferably in cloudy weather.

Top dressing for the plant

Taking care of boxwood, you should not forget about top dressing, with their help you can increase the frost resistance of the plant and resistance to various diseases.

To feed a plant begin with the moment of active growth. Throughout the season, fertilizers are added every week. Good results were shown by the preparation “Baikal EM-1” and infusion of bird droppings.

How to trim boxwood

This evergreen plant tolerates pruning well. Cutting box is needed in the period from April to September. In return, the bush will thank the beautiful lush crown and juicy foliage.

Evergreen shrubs in the country: planting and growing boxwood. How to properly care for boxwood (photo)

Important! The more often a haircut is done, the more abundant the watering and feeding should be.

The first time after planting the plant, only the forming and correcting prunings are carried out. Rejuvenating pruning is carried out in older specimens, the crown of which grows chaotically.

Beautifully looks boxwood on a stem with a spherical crown. The formation of such a tree takes years, but it’s worth it. Use a template to shape the ball. The stab is formed as follows: cut off all side shoots to the desired height. Further, as the boxwood grows, a beautiful crown is formed with the aid of a template, and all root shoots are removed.

Evergreen shrubs in the country: planting and growing boxwood. How to properly care for boxwood (photo)

Reproduction of boxwood by cuttings

After cutting the plant, a large number of cuttings remain, from which young seedlings can be obtained. With proper rooting, almost 100% of the cuttings take root.

For rooting, select those cuttings, the base of which slightly lignified. The length of the cut does not exceed 5-10 cm. All the lower leaves are removed, it is necessary to leave only the two upper leaves.

Evergreen shrubs in the country: planting and growing boxwood. How to properly care for boxwood (photo)

Planted cuttings are planted in a loose soil, which is prepared from a mixture of garden soil and peat. Capacities with plantings are covered with a packet and well watered. During the whole period of rooting, it is necessary to monitor the level of soil moisture. After 20-25 days, the root system is formed in the plant. Next, the box is planted in a container for growing. On a permanent place in the garden, a shrub can be planted next spring.

It is not difficult to take care of boxwood, even a beginning gardener will cope with it. Variety of varieties and types of evergreen plants makes it possible to implement any design solutions. In landscape design, varieties with a globular shape and dark green or mottled leaves are most often used.

• Suffruticosis – shoots grow vertically, the crown holds the shape well. The color of the leaves is green.

• Blauer Heinz – is characterized by a slow growth of shoots. Color of the leaves is gray-blue.

• Elegans – an attractive plant with a spherical crown. The color of the leaves is green with a white border.

Evergreen shrubs in the country: planting and growing boxwood. How to properly care for boxwood (photo)

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